The 30 Car Dashboard Lights You Shouldn’t Worry About

The 30 Car Dashboard Lights You Shouldn’t Worry About

Are you familiar with the different dashboard lights? If not! I’ve compiled the most common dashboard of your car that only appears when it’s turned on. These are the most likely colors of the blue and green dashboard indicator lights. If you see this light, you don’t have to worry; it is just an indicator that some features of your vehicle are working or on.

In this blogpost you can also learn the names of this dashboard light indicator.

dashboard light names

1. Adaptive Cruise Control
2. Adaptive Lighting
3. Automatic Wipers
4. Blind Spot Monitor
5. Crawl Control Indicator
6. Cruise Control On
7. Daytime Running Lights
8. Door Open
9. Eco Driving Indicator
10. EV Mode
11. Fog Lights – Front
12. Freeze Warning
13. Frost Warning
14. Fuel Fill Side Indicator

list of green color dashboard light and its name

15. High Beam Headlights
16. Hill Descent Control
17. Hood Open
18. Information Indicator
19. Low Beam Headlights
20. Parking Assist
21. Rain Sensor
22. Ready Indicator
23. Rear Window Defrost
24. Parking Light
25. Tail Light Indictor
26. Tow Mode Selected
27. Traction Control
28. Trunk Open
29. Turn Signal Indicator
30. Windshield Defrost

I hope this simple blog post will help you get familiar with these dashboard light indicators.

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