OBD Scanner Application: Launch X431 V+ APK Download

Launch X431 OBD Scanner V+ App download

Launch X431 V+ APK Download Hello, and good day! This is Erwin Salarda. Are you looking for the Launch X431 V+ Apk? You are on the right website. This website is intended to provide the APK for the Launch X431 V+ model. This app is intended only for the V+ Launch OBD Diagnostic Scanner because … Read more

2 Reasons WHY Launch X431 Car Scanner Become SLOW

Launch X431 scanner very slow

The scanning Of LAUNCH X431¬† become very SLOW Are you experiencing issues with your LAUNCH X431? Do you find that when you attempt to diagnose a car, the Bluetooth connection to the scanner is very slow and that all operations are quite sluggish? This is a fairly frequent issue, since every tool, particularly the OBD … Read more

How to LOGOUT of Your Launch X431 Scanner Account

launch x431 logout

How to Log Out of Your Launch X431 Scanner Account¬† Launch X431, how to Logout your user Account Guide. Is this the first time you’ve used the Launch X431 Scanner? and are you experiencing trouble logging out of your Launch X431 Account that is already logged in? Please follow my short and simple guide on … Read more

How to Enable the Launch X431 Scanner REMOTE Diagnostics

Launch X431 Remote Diagnostic Tutorial

Launch X431 Scanner REMOTE Diagnostics One of the special features of the Launch X431 OBD Scanner is that it allows us to provide technical support via the internet or remote diagnostics. This feature is very helpful, especially for those Launch X431 users having trouble with the vehicle they are diagnosing. This blog post will guide … Read more

Special Functions of Launch X431 OBD Scanner

Launch X431 Special Functions

Getting to know the special functions of Launch X431 Scanner The Launch X431 OBD Diagnostic Scanner is the world’s most popular and well-known OBD Scanner. It has powerful special functions that can be used to solve any vehicle issue. The Launch X431 OBD Scanner has hundreds of unique features to help your car repair easier … Read more

How to transfer LAUNCH X431 Scanner to Other Android Device

HOW TO TRANSFER THE LAUNCH X431 SCANNER TO YOUR ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET. This tutorial is useful if your LAUNCH X431 Tablet was damaged or Broken. The Launch X431 is the most friendly OBD Diagnostic Scanner in the world, Because it is very easy to use and easy configure. Greetings: If you are in the … Read more

How to Activate Launch X431 HD Truck Module to Android Device

How to Activate Launch X431 HD Truck Module to Android Device

HOW TO ACTIVATE LAUNCH X431 TRUCK MODULE TO YOUR ANDROID TABLET OR PHONE. Note: if you are using android version higher than 7 (Nougat) Please download the file from this link: https://erwinsalarda.com/download-launch-x431-apk-software-for-android/ From the link above download the LAUNCH X431 PRO3 SOFTWARE WITHOUT (S), NOT PRO3-S. Before anything else, you must have a Launch X431 … Read more