Read The Code Behind The Mitsubishi Eclipse’s Check Engine Light

Mitsubishi Eclipse OBD1 DTC code Check engine light

Read The OBD1 Code Behind The Mitsubishi Eclipse’s Check Engine Light Good day! Here I am Erwin Salarda. Today I will teach you on how to read or retrieved the OBD1 DTC Code behind the check engine light on Mitsubishi Eclipse. This is a DIY instruction and you don’t need to use the OBD scanner … Read more

Reading and Erasing OBD1 CHECK ENGINE of Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Galant OBD1 check engine light reading and erasing the code

Reading and erasing the Mitsubishi Galant’s OBD 1 check engine light Good day, my friend. Today I have another tutorial just for you. I’ve prepared a tutorial on how to read and reset the check engine light on the Mitsubishi Galant even without the help of an OBD diagnostic scanner. This tutorial is only applicable to … Read more

Mitsubishi Colt: How To READ And RESET The Check Engine Light

Pull the obd codes behind the check engine light of Mitsubishi Colt

How To Read And Clear The Check Engine Light On A Mitsubishi Colt Without An OBD Scan Tool Hello, my friend. Do you have a Mitsubishi Colt that has a check engine light on it? If your Mitsubishi Colt is from the 1992–2003 model year, you can use this tutorial to retrieve the code behind … Read more

How to READ and CLEAR the Mitsubishi Montero Check Engine

Montero pajero shogun OBD check engine complete tutorial

How to Read and Clear the CHECK ENGINE Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero/Shogun without using the OBD DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER This is my simple tutorial on how to read the meaning behind the Check Engine light on your Mistubishi Montero, Pajero, or Shogun car model. This tutorial is applicable only for the following year models: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, … Read more

Mitsubishi Lancer HOW TO READ AND CLEAR OBD1 DTC Tutorial 

reading Check engine Mitsubishi Lancer OBD

How to Read and Clear OBD1 Check engine DTC codes on a Mitsubishi Lancer 1992-2003 vehicle without using an OBD scanner This is another tutorial on the Mitsubishi OBD1. This is all about the Mitsubishi Lancer and how to read and erase the diagnostic trouble code without using the OBD Diagnostic Scanner. In this blogpost, … Read more

Complete List Of Honda Obd1 DTC Codes 

List of Honda OBD1 CodesList of Honda OBD1 Codes

Complete List Of Honda Obd1 DTC Codes These are the complete lists of OBD1 codes for Honda cars. The diagnostic trouble code number, the fault location, and the possible cause of trouble are in the description below. DTC Code: 0 Fault Location: Engine control module (ECM) Possible Cause: ECM   DTC Code: 1 Fault Location: Heated oxygen sensor … Read more