Do you think the issue is your car’s oxygen sensor?

Do you think the root of the issue is your car’s oxygen sensor?

Do you experience anything that has never happened before in your car? Do you experience rough idling or weak engine performance? In that case, maybe the oxygen sensor in your car has failed. If your oxygen sensor fails, the following are some possible symptoms.

TOP 3 Symptoms of Faulty Oxygen Sensor

1.) Check Engine Lights On.

oxygen sensor- check engine light

Although a check engine light may signal a wide range of issues, one of the most typical causes is a defective O2 sensor. If you have a high-mileage car and a check engine light appears on the dashboard, the oxygen sensor is most likely to blame. 

On this case you need to contact the auto mechanic with the OBD Diagnostic Scanner to make it easy to pinpoint the cause of the problem in your vehicle.

2.) Rough Idle And Loss Of Engine Power

oxygen sensor- rough idle

Bad O2 sensor cause the engine to idle rough and lose power? You may also notice that the car doesn’t speed up well, that the engine misfires or even stops running. Bad oxygen sensors mess up a lot of important engine functions, like the timing of the engine, how long it burns, and how much air and fuel it needs.

If you notice that your engine isn’t running right, get your car checked out as soon as possible. To replace an oxygen sensor is much cheaper than to replace an engine.

3.) Black Smoke To Come Out Of The Tailpipe

oxygen sensor - cause black smoke

When an oxygen sensor goes bad, your car may compensate by injecting more fuel into the engine. Not only does this lead to wasted fuel and poor fuel economy, but it can also result in several unpleasant side effects. Excess, unburned fuel left in the engine can produce rotten egg smells and even cause black smoke to come out of the tailpipe. In some cases, the unburned fuel can start to overheat your catalytic converter.

Keep track of how often you have to fill up your gas tank and watch for any black smoke from the exhaust. If a bad O2 sensor is the cause, you could fail emission tests during your next state inspection.

Thank you very much! This tutorial was compiled and researched with LOVE by Erwin Salarda.