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Learning More About the INPUT/TURBINE Speed Sensor

  Turbine Speed Sensor A turbine speed sensor, also known as an input speed sensor, is used to evaluate transmission performance and other turbine components in order to measure the performance of the turbine. It also senses the turbine’s rotation speed, which indicates the transaxle’s input revolution. The electronic transmission control detects gear change timing […]

14 FAQS About Camshaft Position Sensor

FAQS About Camshaft Position Sensor learning more about the camshaft position sensor We are gathering the most frequently asked questions about the camshaft position sensor. 1.) What is Camshaft Position Sensor A camshaft position sensor is an electronic device that performs exactly what its name implies: it monitors the position and speed of the camshaft […]

Getting to KNOW MORE on Crankshaft Position Sensor

Learning more about Crankshaft Position Sensor A crank sensor is an electronic device that monitors the position or rotation of the crankshaft in a gasoline or diesel engine. Engine management systems use this data to control fuel injection, ignition timing, and other engine parameters. Before electronic crank sensors, the distributor on petrol engines had to […]

10 Things You Should Know About MAF Sensors

10 Things You Should Know About MAF Mass Airflow Sensors I’m doing additional study on the MAF sensor. Gather all of the pertinent information regarding this automobile sensor. This tutorial will teach us a lot. I hope this tutorial was useful to you. 1.) WHAT IS MAF SENSOR A mass (air) flow sensor (MAF) measures […]

8 Things You Should Know About Oxygen Sensor

Understanding the Oxygen Sensor in Your Car We’ll learn all we can about the Oxygen Sensor in your vehicle. As an example, consider answering the following question: What happens when an oxygen sensor fails? How does the oxygen sensor work? Can you drive with a faulty oxygen sensor? What is the function of an oxygen […]

2 Reasons WHY Launch X431 Car Scanner Become SLOW

The scanning Of LAUNCH X431  become very SLOW Are you experiencing issues with your LAUNCH X431? Do you find that when you attempt to diagnose a car, the Bluetooth connection to the scanner is very slow and that all operations are quite sluggish? This is a fairly frequent issue, since every tool, particularly the OBD […]

Launch X431 Fixed No BOUND VCI is Obtained by Your Account

No BOUND VCI is Obtained by Your LOGIN Account on your LAUNCH X431 Do you have a problem with Launch x431? The message is “No BOUND VCI is Obtained by Your LOGIN Account.” Today I will tell you what the main cause of this problem, and I will guide you to the best possible solution […]

How to LOGOUT of Your Launch X431 Scanner Account

How to Log Out of Your Launch X431 Scanner Account  Launch X431, how to Logout your user Account Guide. Is this the first time you’ve used the Launch X431 Scanner? and are you experiencing trouble logging out of your Launch X431 Account that is already logged in? Please follow my short and simple guide on […]

Fuel Filter Warning Dashboard Light

Fuel Filter Warning Car Dashboard Light Fuel Filter Warning Light (Only for Diesel-Powered Vehicles) The fuel filter is critical in diesel engines because it separates water from the fuel and collects it at the bottom of the filter, which is then burned. As soon as water begins to build in the fuel filter, the Fuel […]

DEF Warning Car Dashboard Light

DEF Warning Car Dashboard Light Indicator DEF Light (Diesel): The diesel exhaust fluid reservoir is low on fluid. The DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) light is a driver warning device that alerts you when your DEF tank is about to run out of fuel. This has a greater impact on truck drivers than it does on […]