Is Nitrogen Air Really Good for Your Car? The Facts

Is Nitrogen Air Really Good for Your Car

Is Nitrogen Air Really Good for Your Car? The Facts Nitrogen air has become a popular option for inflating car tires in recent years, but is it really better than regular air? This debate has been ongoing for some time, with proponents of nitrogen air claiming improved tire pressure stability, reduced tire wear, improved performance, … Read more

What is the Battery Matching Function of the OBD Scan Tool?

what is battery matching

Battery Matching  Function For some car models, it is important to do programming/matching/Reset and coding to the new battery to make sure it works properly. The electronic control unit (ECU) for the vehicle’s charging system requires the battery’s properties (Ah rating, AGM or lead/calcium, RC rating) in order to determine the most effective charging algorithm. … Read more

What an Oil Reset Does for Your Car

Why resetting the oil life is important

What is Oil Reset What is Oil Reset? The oil reset function is a feature that allows you to reset the engine oil life system, which calculates an optimal oil change interval based on the driving habits and conditions. What is Engine Oil Life? What is engine oil life? Oil life is a system that … Read more

The Benefits of Tire Rotation: Why You Should Do It Regularly

benefits and important of tire rotation

How Tire Rotation Can Save You Money and Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance You might have noticed that your tires seem to wear down more on one side than the other. It’s not just a coincidence–it’s actually a result of how you drive. When you don’t rotate your tires, they wear down more quickly on one … Read more

The Benefits of Wheel Balancing to Your Vehicle

The Importance of a Tire Balancer

Wheel Balancing: What It Is and Why It Matters When it comes to the health of your car, wheel balancing is one of the most important things you can do. A wheel balancer is a device that helps to keep your tires in alignment by adjusting the weight on each side. This is important because … Read more