Fuel Filter Warning Dashboard Light

Fuel Filter Warning Car Dashboard Light

Fuel Filter Warning Light (Only for Diesel-Powered Vehicles) The fuel filter is critical in diesel engines because it separates water from the fuel and collects it at the bottom of the filter, which is then burned. As soon as water begins to build in the fuel filter, the Fuel Filter Warning light will come on when the ignition switch is switched to the ON position.

If the water that has collected in the gasoline filter is not emptied at the appropriate intervals, it may cause damage to the fuel system and other components. When the ignition switch is switched to the “ON” position, the Fuel Filter Warning light will glow for a few seconds before turning off completely.

If the Fuel Filter Warning light continues to flash after the engine has been started or illuminates while the vehicle is in motion, this indicates that water has collected within the fuel filter and must be removed. The continued operation of the vehicle while the Fuel Filter Warning light is on may result in damage to engine components and the fuel system. To get the system examined, make an appointment with your local  dealer.

What does the fuel filter warning light indicate?

A fluid level sensor located within the gasoline filter monitors the quantity of water collected. When the level reaches maximum capacity, the gasoline filter warning light will activate, alerting you to the need to empty the filter.

When a valve at the bottom of the filter is opened on a manual system, the water drains out. If your filter empties automatically and the light illuminates, it means that an issue or malfunction has been identified and should be addressed as soon as possible. This warning light may indicate that the drain is clogged and the system is unable to clear itself. A code will be stored on the computer to assist you in determining the source of the issue. Check the vehicle using a diagnostic scan tool to locate the stored code or codes.

If you ignore this warning light, the system will fill with water and begin to spill it into the engine. This warning light should turn off on its own after the water has been emptied from the filter.

Is it safe to drive when the fuel filter warning light is illuminated?

While there is not an emergency when the light initially illuminates, it is critical that the filter be emptied as quickly as possible. Waiting too long can allow water to accumulate and ultimately reach your engine, causing severe damage. Remember to replace the gasoline filter at the proper service intervals since draining the water will not remove all of the particles trapped in the filter.

Our trained experts are always ready to help you diagnose any issues with your car’s fuel filter and can empty or replace it for you.

The most Common Fuel filter reset procedure

Reset Guide 1:

1. Replace the filter.
2. Keep the top sensor unplugged
3. Start ( idle )
4. Re connect the top connector (quickly )
5. Switch off and start again ( problem solved ) —no need to disconnect battery

Reset Guide 2:

The electronic switch on the top of the fuel filter housing is the fuel filter warning switch. To reset the warning light on the cluster you need to do this:
1. With the ignition switch off, disconnect the fuel filter warning switch connector.
2. Turn the ignition switch from off to ON.
3. After more than 3 seconds but less than 60 seconds have elapsed, reconnect the connector.
4. After approximately 3 seconds have elapsed with the fuel filter warning switch closed, the system confirms the deletion of the illumination information by turning off* the warning light.
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