2002-2018 BMW Z4 Oil Reset

2002-2018 BMW Z4 Oil Reset


About BMW Z4

The Z4 arrived for 2003 with slightly more interior room, as well as a choice of two six-cylinder engines. While improved over the Z3 (which it replaced) in nearly every way, the Z4 retained the original car’s choppy ride. Plus, it isn’t very agile, partly because the steering is imprecise and non-linear. The one-touch power top is very convenient. Both of the available 3.0-liter six-cylinders are strong, and the M coupe and roadster use an even more powerful 3.2-liter that makes 330 hp.

The second generation of the Z4 was introduced with a retractable hardtop replacing the cloth top of the previous iteration. This generation also marked the end of the Z4 coupe and the Z4M. Overall, this BMW falls short on the fun-to-drive leader board. Handling is capable and secure, but lacks the tactile feedback and thrill potential a driving enthusiast craves. The bowstring-taut ride is almost jarring at times and the cabin, though well finished, is a snug fit for folks of even average girth. Standard safety equipment includes antilock brakes; brake assist and electronic stability control, along with rollover protection from roll bars behind the head restraints.


2002-2013 Oil Reset

  1. Turn ignition to Terminal 15, which is one turn of the key or one press of the START/STOP button.
  2. Press and hold the SET/RESET button on the instrument cluster for 10 seconds.
  3. The upper display will be illuminated with a service item. The lower display will indicate the remaining time or mileage left for the service item.
  4. Pressing the button repeatedly will allow the display to scroll through all of the condition based service items.
  5. Press and hold the SET/RESET button again and the lower display will indicate “OK” or “DUE”.
  6. Pressing the SET/RESET button again will allow the “RESET” to appear in the lower display for that service.
  7. Releasing and reapplying the button one more time will reset the service displayed in the upper window only.

2014-2018 Oil Reset

  1. Press the start/stop button once (do not start the engine).
  2. Press and hold the SET/RESET button until the service indicator light appears.
  3. Press the SET/ RESET button repeatedly to scroll the service menu.
  4. With the oil change interval highlighted, press and hold the SET/RESET button.
  5. When “RESET” appears, release the SET/RESET button and press and hold again.
  6. Reset complete when “OK” and new mileage appears.
  7. Turn ignition off.