Launch X431 Special Functions

Getting to know the special functions of Launch X431 Scanner

The Launch X431 OBD Diagnostic Scanner is the world’s most popular and well-known OBD Scanner. It has powerful special functions that can be used to solve any vehicle issue. The Launch X431 OBD Scanner has hundreds of unique features to help your car repair easier and faster, but most of the time you don’t know what those special functions are.

Common Shop Scenario

Our customers often inquire if we have an OBD Diagnostics tool, and the client will then inquire whether our scanner is capable of performing this and that, as we have seen. Sometimes you are unable to respond because you have not yet tested the requested function or because you are unsure if your scanner is capable of performing the requested function.

This tutorial’s goal is to familiarize you with all of the unique features of the Launch x431 scanner so that when a client asks and you have concerns about whether or not the scanner is capable, you can examine and verify first whether or not it can be done by your scanner before telling the customer.

Example shop Scenario

The Client inquired as to whether the Launch X431 is capable of initializing the ABS Module in a Ford Focus car. Because I haven’t tried it yet, you’ll have to search for it in the list of special functions for the Launch x431 to find out if the LAUNCH X431 is capable for this function.

Please follow me. Let’s check whether the Launch X431 scanner is capable of performing the ABS Module Initialization for the Ford Focus.



  • Click DATA CENTER.

data center



vehicle coverage


  • Look for FORD in the list of car manufacturers.



  • Scroll and select FORD Focus.



  • In SYSTEM category select the ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS).

select system


  • In FUNCTION category select SPECIAL FUNCTION.

Launch X431 Special Function on ford


  • In the SUB FUNCTION scroll and look for MODULE INITIALIZATION.

Module Initialization


  • The supported year for that particular special function will be shown automatically.. We can see in this example that the Launch X431 is capable of performing ABS Module Initialization for the Ford Focus 2011 model.

Module Initialization supported

You can follow my example above on how to know the special function of Launch X431. Don’t worry about exploring the website to get familiar. 

Hoping this tutorial will help you to learn more about LAUNCH X431, Thank you – Erwin


Special Functions of Launch X431 OBD Scanner
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