2 Reasons WHY Launch X431 Car Scanner Become SLOW

The scanning Of LAUNCH X431  become very SLOW

Are you experiencing issues with your LAUNCH X431? Do you find that when you attempt to diagnose a car, the Bluetooth connection to the scanner is very slow and that all operations are quite sluggish? This is a fairly frequent issue, since every tool, particularly the OBD Diagnostic tool, need regular updates and maintenance.

I’ll tell you how to solve it right away, and I’ll also offer you some background information about the issue.

The first frequent reason of this issue is that the local storage on your LAUNCH X431 Tab is full, and the second is that the DBSCAR Connector Software is Outdated.

Launch X431 Storage is Full

If your local storage on your tablet is full, you will experience a problem with the performance of Launch x431. Just like another OBD scanner, you need to free some of your local storage to make your Launch X431 app perform faster. Please refer to my guide here for information on how to resolve the LAUNCH X431 storage full. CLICK HERE .

You can also free some storage on your Launch X431 by deleting some unused car brands or vehicles that are not available in your country. Don’t worry, if you need that vehicle, you can download it again on your scanner.

If you don’t know how to delete some of the unused cars on your scanner, Please follow my tutorial below.

Deleting Vehicle on Launch X431:

  • Select the vehicle that you want to delete. In my example, I am deleting the vehicle brand BAIC.

delete car in scanner

  • To delete the BAIC vehicle, press and hold the BAIC VEHICLE until the popup window appears, asking if you are sure to delete the BAIC software. Press OK to confirm the delete.

long press to delete

By doing that procedure above, you can free some space on your Launch X431 Internal Storage. If your Launch X431 has enough storage and you still have problems with the performance, it is possible your DBSCAR firmware is outdated. To fix the problem with DBSCAR firmware, please follow my tutorial below.

Firmware FIX for the Launch X431 Scanner

  • Make sure to upgrade your Launch X431 scanner to the latest firmware available. In my example, I am using Launch X431 Pro3, the latest software. Open the Launch X431 APP then select SOFTWARE UPDATE.

Software update

  • After choosing the FIRMWARE UPGRADE PROGRAM, click UPDATE.

firmware update

  • Wait for the firmware download to be done.

Firmware upgrade

  • After the installation of the firmware is complete, plug the Bluetooth DBSCAR adaptor into the vehicle and turn the ignition ON.


  • After that, on your scanner application, select and open USERINFO.

User info

  • Under USER INFO, select FIRMWARE FIX on the left. Press the USER INFO BUTTON on the right to execute the firmware fix.

firmware fix

  • After pressing the FIRMWARE FIX, there will be a popup window. Select the serial number of your scanner.

select serial number

  • Then wait until the FIRMWARE INSTALLATION is finished.

update to 100%

All of my tutorials above will help you fix the scanning performance issue from slow to quick and fast. If you find that this tutorial is different from your scanner, you can follow my solution and look at these features on your scanner. You can explore your scanner to find this function.

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Thank you -Erwin