OBD Info: What is Gearbox/Transmission Relearn?

What is Transmission\Gearbox Relearn

This function is used to learn the transmission/gearbox in order to improve the quality of the shifts. Shift Delay or Impact is experienced after the transmission/gearbox has been dismounted or repaired (or after the battery has been turned off in some car models). In this case, use this function to have the gearbox compensate automatically based on the driving conditions, resulting in a more comfortable and ideal shifting experience.


Gaining a Better Understanding of Gearbox/Transmissions Relearn

As you drive the car, the TCM (Transmission Control Module) gradually learns the exact settings of the engine and becomes more accurate. However, any mechanical or electronic component that is altered in relation to the transmission may cause the data to be thrown off, sometimes catastrophically, necessitating a transmission relearn.

The process of starting a transmission relearn is quite basic. Through the use of specialized diagnostic tools, the TCM (Transmission Control Module) is able to learn the volume of fluid and amount of time it takes to apply each individual clutch pack. Based on these initial values, the TCM (Transmission Control Module)maintains a memory of the quality and timing of each shift it makes and adjusts these base numbers as necessary throughout the transmission’s lifetime. It is possible to extend the life of the transmission and to have a better feel for the shifts if we do so.

This is also not something on which you should scrimp. It is mandatory to relearn any time the TCM (Transmission Control Module) is changed, or when the transmission is replaced or modified, because if the transmission is left in its default settings, it could fail totally within a few hundred yards if the vehicle is not driven carefully. Even if it were to continue to operate, the shift quality would be wildly erratic for the remainder of the transmission’s useful life, to the point that it would have a significant impact on driving performance.

In the short term, adaptive learning technology may be slightly more specialized when it comes to fixing, but in the long run, it has significant benefits for the life of your transmissions. It’s important to know this if you’re thinking about upgrading your transmission.


Do I Need To Relearn The Gearbox /Transmission After Changing ATF Oil?

In some vehicle if a transmission component or fluid is replaced without a transmission relearn, it might result in a harsh or unpredictable shift and transmission damage.

If the transmission has adapted to the pressures of an old fluid, replacing it with a new one without relearning it could cause the transmission to fail.

The fact that modern transmissions allow us to enjoy our cars as they age does not negate the need for ATF replacement when necessary. A deteriorated fluid can hasten clutch wear. When the transmission’s values have been adjusted to deal with worn clutches and fluids, and then a new fluid is added unexpectedly, it can result in a major transmission malfunction.

The driver may have difficult shifts before the transmission completes the first retraining procedure. This is quite normal.


How to Relearn the Gearbox/Transmission?

The OBD scan tool, such as the Launch X431 Professional Diagnostic Scanner, can do the majority of the transmission/gearbox relearn. I researched on how to relearn the transmission/gearbox. Please go to this website to learn more. For further information, go to this page. To learn more, go to this page.


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