What Exactly Is Electric Throttle Relearn In Our Vehicle?

Electric Idle/Throttle Relearn

To more accurately regulate idle/throttle (or idle motor) operations to control intake air quantity, use the OBD Scanner to initialize the throttle actuation element so that the ECU learning value is returned to the initial status. Throttle Matching Must Be Performed In The Following Cases:

A.) The ECU has been changed, and the ECU has not yet been programmed to store throttle operating characteristics.

B.) The ECU was detached, and the ECU memory was erased.

C.) The Throttle Assembly is replaced.

D.) The Intake Passage Is Replaced Or Removed, Having an Effect On The ECU And Throttle Body Idle Speed Control.

E.) The throttle has been cleaned. Although the idle throttle potentiometer features have not changed, the intake quantity and idle speed control features have changed with the same throttle opening.

Is Idle/Throttle Relearn required for my vehicle?

In general, for vehicles equipped with an electronic throttle body, the idle relearn procedure is required.


What is the electronic throttle body’s functionality?

Vehicles with electronic throttle bodies lack a physical cable that connects the throttle body to the accelerator pedal. It is entirely powered by electricity. The accelerator pedal has a sensor that notifies the vehicle computer how deeply you push the pedal. In addition, the computer transmits a signal to a motor inside the electronic throttle body, which opens or closes the throttle plate. When the engine is idling, the computer sends a signal to slightly open the throttle plate so that the engine does not stall.


The most basic method for IDLE/Throttle Relearn

To start the process manually:

  • Start the engine in Park/Neutral. Rev the engine to above 2,500rpm and hold for 10-15 seconds.
  • Slowly reduce throttle back to idle.
  • The ECU should now begin to learn the idle position (you will hear the sucking sound through the throttle body change as the Idle Air Control Motor changes position).

To complete the idle relearn:

  1. Bring the engine to normal temperature, have the accessories off.
  2. Leave idling for 2 minutes in Park/Neutral to learn.
  3. With the vehicle securely held on the brakes or wheel chocks, change into Drive.
  4. Leave idling for 2 minutes in Drive to learn.
  5. Turn the Air-conditioning on full if fitted.
  6. Leave idling for 2 minutes to learn with A/C ON in Drive.
  7. Return the vehicle to Park/Neutral with A/C still on.
  8. Leave idling for 2 minutes in Park/Neutral to learn.
  9. Leave idling for 2 minutes to learn with A/C ON in Park/Neutral.
  10. (Obviously a Manual Transmission vehicle learns only in Neutral).


Thank you very much! This simple tutorial is humbly researched and compiled by Erwin Salarda.