Launch X431 Tips-View All Immobilizer Programmable Cars

Launch X431 Tips-View All Immobilizer Programmable Cars

Launch X431 Immobilizer Programming List of Supported Cars. Have a good day, gentlemen. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to view all of the vehicles that the Launch X431 OBD Diagnostic Scanner supports for immobilizer programming.


What is Immobilizer?

An immobiliser, or immobilizer, is a type of electronic security system installed on a motor vehicle that prevents the engine from starting unless the correct key is present (transponder or smart key). This prevents the vehicle from being “hot wired”. According to research, uniform deployment of immobilisers reduces car theft by 40%.


Launch X431 Immobilizer Programming Features

The anti-theft/immobilizer programmer supports car key chip reading/writing, EEPROM chip reading/writing, MCU chip reading/writing, engine/gearbox ECU EEPROM and FLASH reading/writing.


How can I determine if my vehicle is compatible with the Launch X431 for immobilizer programming?

Let’s begin to explore the immobilizer features of Launch X431. In my example, it will check if the Toyota VIOS year 2018 is supported by Launch X431 Immobilizer programming.

This immobilizer function may work with the Professional Diagnostic Scanner of Launch X431, like X-431 IMMO Pro, X431PAD III V2.0, X-431 IMMO PAD, X431 PAD VII, X-431 PRO5, X-431 PRO3 V4.0, X-431 PRO3 HDIII, X-431 PRO V4.0, X-431 PRO V4.0, X-431 PRO GT, X-431 PRO TP, ScanPad071, ScanPad101, ScanPlus X.


NOTE: You can use the same procedure if you want to check out other automobile models as well.




  • On the website, click on “Data Center.”

data center


  • Select and click. “Vehicle Coverage”

vehicle coverage


  • Look for “TOYOTA” in the list of automobile manufacturers.

look for Toyota


  • On the Model Menu, scroll and select “VIOS”.

Toyota Vios


  • On the year model, select “2018″.

select year model


  • On the system menu, scroll down and select “Immobilizer”.



  • On the Function menu, scroll down and select “Special Function”.

special function


  • Now we can see that the Launch X431 Scanner supports the immobilizer programming for Toyota Vios 2018 with these special functions: “All Missing Keys“; “Customize“; “Transponder Code Erasure“; “Transponder Code Registration“.

supported programming


You can explore all of the special functions using these procedures. I hope this tutorial will help you understand more about the Launch X431 Scanner. 



• Not all systems are covered, which needs your help to feedback to us. We will improve in time.
• Please follow up the instruction while implementing certain special functions. Only after meeting all the required conditions the functions can be successfully carried out.
• All the above listed special functions are maximum content. If no such special function exists after entering the system while the system truly supports this function, please feedback the version information to us. We will improve in time.


Thank you very much! This simple tutorial is humbly researched and compiled by Erwin Salarda.