HOW TO RESET: Toyota Corolla Cross Maintenance Reminder

5 Easy Steps To Completely Reset The Toyota Corolla Cross Maintenance Schedule Reminder

Here are the 5 simple steps for resetting the service maintenance reminder indicator light on the Toyota Corolla Cross for the model years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. The service maintenance reminder should be reset after the maintenance schedule is done or after the oil change.


To make sure the tutorial will be successful, you can turn the ignition on or start the engine. Which of these requirements will work, if turning on the ignition does not reset it? Then you can start the engine.


  • Turn the ignition on. Then press the right or left arrow key on the Meter Control Switch on the steering wheel to navigate the SETTINGS.

settings - Corolla cross


  • Using the Meter Control Switch Scroll down to VEHICLE SETTINGS then press and hold the OK button.

vehicle settings - corolla cross


  • Then scroll down and select MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE then press the OK button.

Schedule maintenance -corolla cross


  • Now scroll up to select YES then press the OK button to reset the SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE.

Yes to reset toyota cross


  • Congratulations SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE is now completely reset.

Completely reset toyota cross

I hope this tutorial is working on your Toyota Corolla Cross. Thank you very much for visiting my website. If you like this kind of tutorial, please visit my website frequently to be updated on my latest blog post. -Erwin Salarda