The 32 Dashboard Lights Require Drivers Immediate Action

critical car dashboard light

The 32 Dashboard Lights Need Immediate Action From The Driver

To all car owners and drivers, please be sensitive to this car dashboard that really needs your immediate attention. These dashboard lights are warning lights that generally indicate a serious issue with your car. You should act quickly if your dashboard warning light is red. I compiled all these dashboard lights below. Please see the attached image for your reference.

car dashboard that really needs your immediate attention

1. Air Suspension Warning
2. Airbag Warning
3. Battery/Alternator Warning
4. Brake Fluid Low
5. Brake Warning
6. Catalytic Converter Warning
7. Chassis System Warning
8. Distance Warning
9. Drivetrain Trouble Indicator
10. Electronic Throttle Control
11. Engine Fault Stop
12. Handbrake Warning
13. Hydraulic Brake Fault
14. Ignition Switch Warning
15. Key Fob Battery Low
16. Low Coolant Level Warning

warning lights that generally indicate a serious issue with your car

17. Master Warning
18. Mechanical Fault Warning
19. Night Vision Warning
20. Oil Level Low
21. Oil Pressure Low
22. Parking Brake Light
23. Pedestrian Warning
24. Power Steering Warning
25. Seat Belt Not On
26. Steering Lock Warning
27. Suspension Fault Detected
28. Temperature Warning
29. Theft Deterrent Fault
30. Trailer Tow Hitch Warning
31. Transmission Fault Do Not Shift
32. Transmission Fluid Temp Warning

That is all 32 dashboard lights that require the driver’s and car owners’ immediate attention.

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