HOW TO RESET: Toyota Alphard Oil Service Schedule

Toyota Alphard Oil Service Schedule Reset

This guide explains how to reset the oil service and maintenance reminder light on a Toyota Alphard for the model years 2017 to 2022. Follow this step-by-step tutorial with visual aids for an easy reset process.

STEP 1: Turn the Ignition On

  • Begin by turning the ignition on without starting the car engine.

STEP 2: Access the Menu

  • Press the Menu button on the steering wheel, then scroll to the right to select Settings.


STEP 3: Choose Maintenance Reset

  • Scroll down and select Maintenance Reset, then press the OK button.

maintenance reset

STEP 4: Confirm Reset

  • Select YES to reset the Maintenance, then press the OK button.

yes to reset

STEP 5: Verify Reset

  • The Maintenance Reset is now complete. Turn the engine on to confirm that the service reminder schedule has been reset.

maintenance reset complete

NOTE: Turning off the MAINT REQD Light

This process turns off the MAINT REQD light in your Toyota vehicle. The computer system will start counting the miles from zero the next time you start the vehicle. The light will turn back on when the mileage exceeds 5,000 miles. Follow these procedures to change the oil and reset the maintenance light when needed.

About Toyota Alphard

  • The third-generation Alphard was introduced by Toyota on January 26, 2015, featuring a completely redesigned exterior and two new engines, including a 2.5-liter 2AR-FE petrol engine and a 2.5-liter 2AR-FXE petrol-hybrid engine.
  • The 3.5-liter 2GR-FE V6 engine, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, was carried over from the previous generation.
  • A new top-of-the-line Executive Lounge grade was added for both the Alphard and Vellfire models.
  • The third-generation Alphard is available in Japan and selected Asian markets, including Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, marking the first markets outside Japan to receive this all-new model.
  • The third generation was also introduced in Russia, the model’s primary and only European market, featuring the 3.5 L V6 engine.
  • The third-generation Alphard features a large grille, similar to the S210 series Crown, and its taillights are located on top, similar to the third generation Previa and Sienna models.
  • The Alphard competes with other minivans, such as the Nissan Elgrand and the fifth-generation international market Honda Odyssey.
  • The Alphard can be equipped with a 1200W 17-speaker, 5.1 channel JBL sound system.

Compiled and researched with ❤️ by Erwin Salarda.