Hyundai Azera Service Maintenance Interval Reset

Hyundai Azera Oil Service Maintenance Reminder Indicator Light Reset

Step by step tutorial on how to reset the oil service maintenance spanner/wrench indicator warning light on Hyundai Azera from the year 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017.

Azera Model with OK BUTTON on the Steering Wheel


  • Close all door, gearbox to the park position.


  • Start the engine.


  • Press the MODE BUTTON to Navigate the SERVICE REQUIRED (Wrench/Spanner) light.Hyundai Azera Oil Reset- Service Indicator reset


  • While the SERVICE INDICATOR is displayed. Press and hold the OK BUTTON to reset the SERVICE REMINDER.


  • Turn the ignition off. The oil service maintenance interval reset is complete.


Azera Model with DISP BUTTON on the steering wheel


  • Close all doors, set gear to park position.


  • Turn the ignition to RUN position, don’t start the engine.


  • Press and hold the DISP BUTTON for  3 seconds to access MAINTENANCE.Azera Oil reset with disp button -maintenance


  • Then select ENGINE OIL.Azera Oil reset with disp button -engine oil


  • Then SET the KM for the next SERVICE INTERVAL.Azera Oil reset with disp button -service interval


  • Press the DISP button for more than 2 seconds to come out of the Maintenance mode


  • Turn Off the ignition. The oil reset is complete.


Azera Oil reset with disp button -which button to press


About Hyundai Azera

The Hyundai Grandeur (Korean: Grandeur) is a front-wheel drive executive sedan produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1986. From 1986 to 1996, the Grandeur was a flagship car for Hyundai’s South Korean lineup before the Hyundai Dynasty came out. The Grandeur has evolved through five generations with intermediate restyling and is marketed under various nameplates worldwide—prominently as the Hyundai Azera (Ajera). As the Azera, it was considered the flagship model of Hyundai’s United States lineup until the arrival of the Genesis sedan. Since the launch of the separate Genesis brand, the Grandeur/Azera has redeemed its place as the company’s flagship instead of being slotted between the Sonata and the Genesis G80 as a less sporty option of the latter.

As of the 2017 model year, the Azera was no longer sold in the United States and Canada. The sedan continued to be available in South Korea, China, the Middle East, and the Americas (except Mexico).

Hyundai unveiled the sixth generation Grandeur on October 27, 2016. The sixth generation model will not be sold in North America due to slow sales, and other than Hyundai’s new luxury division, Genesis, the Sonata will become the largest and most expensive sedan Hyundai sells in the US. A Hybrid model was added in March 2017 and discontinued in November 2019, when the facelift version arrived. The 2.2 L diesel engine option was discontinued in 2018. 132,000 Grandeurs were sold in 2017 and about 110,000 vehicles were sold in 2018. It is the best selling vehicle in its category in the South Korean market.(source:wiki)

HOW TO RESET: Hyundai Azera Oil Service Maintenance

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