How to Read Kia OBD 1 Codes Without OBD Scanner

How to Read Kia OBD 1 Codes

This tutorial will work for the Kia Car Model: Optima-2001-2006 ,Sephia-1994-2006,Spectra-2001-2006 ,Sedona-2002-2006,Rio-2001-2006 ,Sportage-1996-2006 ,Mentor-1995-1997,Sportage-1995-1997.

Accessing trouble codes

  • Ensure ignition switched OFF.
  • Connect LED test lamp between terminals B and P Fig. 1 .
  • Bridge data link connector (DLC) terminals Q and S Fig. 1 .Bridge data link connector (DLC) terminals Q and S
  • Switch ignition ON.
  • Check that LED illuminates for 3 seconds.
  • If LED extinguishes: No faults are stored in memory.
  • Count MIL flashes. Note trouble codes. Compare with trouble code table.
  • Additional trouble codes will be flashed in sequence, commencing with the lowest trouble code number.
  • Trouble codes consist of one or two digits. For example: Oxygen sensor (O2S). Trouble code displayed: 15 Fig. 2.Trouble codes consist of one or two digits.
  • A long pause separates each trouble code.
  • The ECM fault memory can also be checked using suitable diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector (DLC).

Erasing trouble codes

  • Switch ignition OFF.
  • Disconnect battery earth lead.

WARNING: Disconnecting the battery may erase memory from electronic units (e.g. radio).

  • Depress brake pedal for 2 seconds.
  • Reconnect battery earth lead.

List of Kia OBD Codes

Trouble codeFault locationProbable cause
02Crankshaft position (CKP) – signal malfunctionWiring, CKP sensor, ECM
03Camshaft position (CMP) sensor – signal malfunctionWiring, CMP sensor, ECM
07Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor – signal malfunctionAir gap, reluctor
08Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, MAF sensor, ECM
09Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, ECT sensor, ECM
12Throttle position (TP) sensor – circuit malfunctionWiring, TP sensor, ECM
15Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) – no signalWiring, HO2S, ECM
17Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) – incorrect signalFuel/intake system, wiring, HO2S, injector, ECM
18Injector 1 – circuit malfunctionWiring, injector, ECM
19Injector 2 – circuit malfunctionWiring, injector, ECM
20Injector 3 – circuit malfunctionWiring, injector, ECM
21Injector 4 – circuit malfunctionWiring, injector, ECM
24Fuel pump relay – circuit malfunctionWiring, fuel pump relay, ECM
26Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve – circuit malfunctionWiring, EVAP valve, ECM
28Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid – circuit malfunctionWiring, EGR solenoid, ECM
34Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunctionWiring, IAC valve, ECM
35Injector – malfunctionWiring, injector
36Mass air flow (MAF) sensorWiring, MAF sensor, fuel/intake system, ECM
37Air leakIntake system
46AC compressor relay – circuit malfunctionWiring, AC compressor relay, ECM
48Engine control module (ECM), output circuit – malfunctionWiring, injector(s), EVAP valve, EGR solenoid, power stage in ECM
49Engine control module (ECM), output circuit – malfunctionWiring, ISC actuator, power stage in ECM
56Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunctionWiring, IAC valve, ECM
57AC compressor signal – circuit malfunctionWiring, AC pressure switch, AC thermo switch, AC relay, ECM
73Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) – circuit malfunctionWiring, VSS, ECM
87Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) – circuit malfunctionWiring, MIL, ECM
88Engine control module (ECM) – internal memory failureWiring, ECM
99Engine control module (ECM), supply voltage – malfunctionWiring, battery, ECM