HOW TO GUIDE: Toyota Hilux RKE Keyfob Programming

Toyota HILUX Keyfob RKE Programming

Toyota Hilux 🔑RKE Keyfob Programming

A very easy to follow tutorial on how to program the Remote 🔑keyless entry (RKE) Keyfob on Toyota Hilux from the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 to 2015. Please follow the step step instruction below for your reference.


1. Close driver’s door.

2. After 10 seconds, insert the old key into the ignition & turn to the ‘Acc’ position. You have 3 seconds to begin step 3.

3. Remove and insert the old key 4 times in 10 seconds – turning the key to the ‘Acc’ position each time it is inserted.

4. Open and close driver’s door 6 times within 20 seconds.

5. Remove the old key.

6. Within 10 seconds, insert the new key and turn the ‘Acc’ position. Leave it for 60 seconds.

7. Your new key is now programmed.


  1. Key removed from the ignition
  2. Drivers door open, all other doors closed
  3. Insert key into ignition then remove it – do this twice
  4. Close and Open drivers door twice
  5. Insert the key into the Ignition then remove it
  6. Close and Open drivers door twice
  7. Close the door and Insert key into the ignition
  8. Turn ignition from off to on and back to on – once to add a new remote while retaining the original remotes, and twice to erase original remotes
  9. Remove the key from the ignition cylinder (Locks will cycle once for adding remote, and twice if erase mode was selected)
  10. Press the Lock and Unlock Buttons on the remote at the same time for 1 second
  11. Press any button on the remote (Door locks will cycle once if programming is correct, and twice if unsuccessful)
  12. To close procedure open drivers door and insert key into the ignition

Thank you very much! This tutorial was compiled and researched by Erwin Salarda.


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