Getting to KNOW MORE About Toyota (RSA) Road Sign Assist

Learning More About Toyota (RSA) Road Sign Assist

Using the front camera, the RSA (Road Sign Assist) system recognizes specific road signs and displays information to the driver. If the system determines that the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, engaging in prohibited behavior, or otherwise violating recognized road signs, it notifies the driver via visual notification, notification buzzer, or steering wheel vibration.


The Road Sign Assist is equipped with a slew of cutting-edge sensors that monitor the vehicle’s surrounds while it is in motion. When the sensors detect a traffic sign, they instantly determine what it means: Stop, Go Slow, Yield, Speed Limit, One Way, Divided Highway Crossing, Bike Lane, To Train Crossing, and so on.


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Factors That Cause The Function To Fail Or Detect Inaccurately

In the following situations, RSA does not operate normally and may not recognize signs, display the incorrect sign, etc. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

The front camera is misaligned due to a strong impact being applied to the sensor, etc.

Dirt, snow, stickers, etc. are on the windshield near the front camera.

In inclement weather such as heavy rain, fog, snow, or sand storms

Light from an oncoming vehicle, the sun, etc. enters the front camera era.

The sign is dirty, faded, tilted, or bent.

The contrast of electronic sign is low.

All or part of the sign is hidden by the leaves of a tree, a pole, etc.

The sign is only visible to the front camera for a short amount of time.

The driving scene (turning, lane change, etc.) is judged incorrectly.

If a sign is not appropriate for the currently traveled lane, but the sign exists directly after a freeway branch, or in an adjacent lane just before merging

Stickers are attached to the rear of the preceding vehicle.

A sign resembling a system-compatible sign is recognized.

While the vehicle is traveling on the main road, side road speed signs may be detected and displayed (if they are in view of the front camera).

Roundabout exit road speed signs may be detected and displayed (if positioned in sight of the front camera) while traveling on a roundabout.

The front of the vehicle is raised or lowered due to the carried load.

The surrounding brightness is not sufficient or changes suddenly.

When a sign intended for trucks, etc. is recognized,

The speed information displayed on the meter and on the navigation system may be different due to the navigation system using map data.


Before using the RSA

Do not rely solely on the RSA system. RSA is a system that supports the driver by providing information, but it is not a replacement for the driver’s own vision and awareness. Driving safely requires always paying careful attention to the traffic rules.

Compiled and researched with ❤️by Erwin Salarda.