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  • Computer System Set
  • Printer
  • Cabinet /w charging system
  • 4  Sensors
  • 1 Zigbee Communication Box
  • 4  24″ Wheel ClampX4
  • 2 turntables
  • 1 Steering lockX1
  • 1Pedal depressorX1
  • 1Wheel clamp fastenerX4


  •  The measurement accuracy is up to 0.01° (the highest accuracy in the same kind of product).
  •   Customer-feedback reminders: timely reminds users to report review and follow up system performance so that the manufacturer can provide personal service to each user in time.
  •   The front toe sensor and obliquity display are visible and convenient without the remote controller (9 screens display).
  •   Recognizes the ultra-low chassis automatically, convenient for checking the cars with ultra-low chassis or streamlined shape cars.
  •   Infrared 8-beam CCD (Charge Coupled Device) is a full loop measurement system.
  •   Special taxi inspection mode, enhance the taxi running efficiency.
  •   3D animation demo system makes operations easy to learn.
  •   Secondary adjustment function.
  •   Zigbee sensors communication ,anti-jamming function that guarantees the stable running of the system under complex working conditions.
  •   Black box function, record the working information, enhance the solution efficiency.
  •   The main board with the high-performance CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) chip dramatically speeds up calculation, simplifies the printed circuit board and reduces the failure rate.
  •  Independent front wheels alignment function.



Measurement Items Measurement Precision Measurement Accuracy
Camber ±0.01° ±8°
Caster Angle ±0.03° ±19°
Front Wheel K.P.I. ±0.02° ±19°
Toe ±0.01° ±2°
Rear Wheel Thrust Angle ±0.02° ±2°
Rear Wheel Shaft Deflection ±0.02° ±2°
Wheelbase Difference ±0.02° ±2°
Front Setback ±0.02° ±2°
Rear Setback ±0.02° ±2°
Wheelbase ±0.25cm <265cm
Tread ±0.25cm <533cm

1. Top built quality with CE-certificate.

2. Manufactured according to ISO 9001.

3. Measuring system with 8 CCD sensors, wireless communication.

4. Measurement range: +/- 18°, measurement accuracy: +/- 0,01°.

5. Intuitive operation, Easy handling.

6. Suitable for 11″-24″ wheel rim.

7.Popular in Europe & North America.

3excel e315 ccd wheel aligner Philippines
3excel e315 ccd wheel aligner Philippines



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