2011-2015 Chevrolet Volt Oil Change Reminder Reset

2011-2015 Chevrolet Volt Oil Change Reminder Reset

Volt Oil Reset

  1. Use the SELECT knob to select OIL LIFE on the DIC menu.
  2. Press SELECT to start the OIL LIFE reset procedure.
  3. The DIC menu will display “Are you sure that you want to reset?” Use SELECT to choose YES to reset oil life or NO to exit and return to the previous menu.
  4. If YES is selected, the DIC menu will display RESET OIL LIFE for a short time and then 100% OIL LIFE will be display when OIL LIFE is successfully reset.


Quick Information

The Volt extended-range electric car is quick, quiet, and responsive, and uses a backup gas engine to extend beyond its electric range. Typically it runs for about 35 miles on electric power. Once the lithium-ion battery is depleted, the relatively unrefined 1.4-liter engine turns on to extend the driving range. It takes about four hours to recharge about 13 kWh on a 240-volt supply and about 10 hours on 120 volts. We got 2.93 miles per kWh overall and 32 mpg overall on gas mode. Running costs are less than four cents a mile based on national electricity rates, but the cost advantage diminishes once you venture beyond the electric range, in part because the Volt requires premium fuel. Ride and handling are sound. Visibility is wanting, controls are a jumble, and as a four-seater, practicality is compromised.


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