What are i-TOE1 and i-TOE2 on Lawrence Wheel Alignment?

What are i-TOE1 and i-TOE2 Wheel Alignment?

What is the difference between i-TOE1 and i-TOE2 on Lawrence Wheel Alignment? The Lawrence wheel alignment and all of the top-of-the-line wheel alignments of Lawrence like Bosstar V900, Kuper K5800, Kuper K9800, and other wheel alignments have these special features.


What is i-TOE 1?

The i-TOE1 is a Lawrence wheel alignment function that was specifically developed to repair off-center steering wheels, especially on old cars. After each toe adjustment, it can ensure that the steering wheel is straight.



Why is the steering wheel skewed during toe adjustment?


For old vehicles’ adjustments, start the engine during the front toe adjustment.

Because most old cars have loose steering wheels, during toe adjustment, the steering wheel will be shifted internally (even with a wheel holder). The steering wheel will be skewed after toe adjustment.

In this case, regular toe adjustment needs to be done many times, which is very complicated.

With this i-TOE1 function, there is no need to use the wheel holder, no need to adjust repeatedly. With automatic correction of internal arithmetic, it can make sure the steering wheel is straight after every toe adjustment.

Lawrence Wheel ALignment Software i-TOE1 Adjustment Guide

i-toe1 adjustment guide

What is i-TOE 2?

As some vehicles were unable to do TOE adjustment under the vehicle, they can’t be adjusted until the front wheels of this vehicle turned to the special angle (eg. turning the front wheels to TOE IN, adjusting TOE at the back of front wheels instead of under-vehicle ), with i-TOE2 function, and with special arithmetic, the operator only needs to adjust according to software data.


Lawrence Wheel ALignment Software i-TOE2 Adjustment Guide

i-toe adjustment

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