Volvo V90 1997-1998 Service Light Reset

Volvo V90 1997-1998 Service Light Reset

Volvo V90 1997-1998 Service Reminder Light Reset

The V90 is the wagon version of the S90 sedan, which itself falls short of the refinement expected of a midsized luxury car because of its stiff ride and gruff-sounding engine. Only four-cylinder engines are available. The 316-hp supercharged and turbocharged T6 pulls strongly, but acceleration falls below class expectations. We measured 23 mpg overall on the T6. The AWD Cross Country version has higher ground clearance. Handling is sound but ordinary. The roomy cabin is gorgeous, with supportive seats, but the touch screen proves to be frustrating to use. Forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, including pedestrian detection, is standard. Volvo’s Pilot Assist system is offered as an option. It combines steering assistance and adaptive cruise control to try to make driving easier.

V90 Service Light Reset


Remove rubber grommet to left of odometer. Using a small screwdriver, depress reset knob. See Fig. 5.

Fig. 5: Resetting Service Interval Light Mileage Counter (1991-92 740 & 1991-95 940 & 960; Also Applies To Some 850 Models

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