Volvo S60 2005-2018 TPMS Reset

Volvo S60 2005-2018 TPMS Reset

About Volvo S60:

A 2011 redesign made the S60 much nicer, with agile handling and a taut, steady ride. The standard T5 is pretty lively, but the top-level T6 is quicker and more refined. Among the advanced safety gear is an innovation Volvo called “City Safety”. This helps prevent low-speed crashes by scanning the road ahead, sounding an alarm and applying the brakes if you are likely to collide with the car in front of you. This feature has since spread throughout the industry. Today, it is known as forward collision mitigation. The T5’s five-cylinder engine can sound gruff, but provides lively acceleration and respectable fuel economy. The interior is quiet, neatly finished and front-seat comfort is excellent. However, the rear seats are best suited for children and trunk capacity is meager.

S60 TPMS Reset


NOTE: Volvo vehicles do not require a formal reset procedure for any of the TPM system functions. Tire pressure sensor IDs are automatically programmed while driving.

CAUTION: When inflating tires with TPMS valves, press the pump’s mouthpiece straight onto the valve to help avoid bending or otherwise damaging the valve.

NOTE: This system may not function properly if vehicle is equipped with a temporary spare tire or winter wheel/tire, as this tire does not have a TPM system sensor.

Tire Pressure Warning

There are two warning levels that generate different warning messages, one warning for low pressure and a warning for very low pressure. A message is also displayed if a sensor stops transmitting or receives insufficient battery voltage. A warning lamp also lights in the Driver information module (DIM) at the same time as the warning message appears.

The easiest way to reset a warning is to fill the underinflated tire to specification. The warning in the Driver information module (DIM) disappears the next time the ignition is switched on. If air is filled in a tire that has warned of low pressure and the ignition is on during the entire process, the warning will go out as soon as the pressure in the tire exceeds the specified level.

Tire Sensor Learning

If a sensor must be replaced, the system must “learn” the new sensor ID. This can be carried out in 2 different ways:

NOTE: The vehicle must be parked for longer than 15 minutes to learn the new ID.

  1. Drive the vehicle faster than 25 mph (40 km/h) for longer than 10 minutes. The warning for low pressure remains in the Driver information module (DIM) until the Central electronic module (CEM) has identified the new sensor.
  2. Programming “by hand”. This is carried out using the appropriate Volvo tire sensor activation tool, or Low Frequency (LF) initiator (sensor activation tool). Activating the tire pressure sensors this way replaces driving.NOTE: The Volvo tire sensor activation tool does not work with the sensors on S40 (04-)/V50/C30/C70 (06-)

Volvo S60 2005-2015 TPMS Reset