Volvo DTC OBD Codes P06A1 /P06A2 /P06A2 A/C Control Valve Solenoid

Volvo DTC OBD Codes P06A1 /P06A2 /P06A2 Control Valve Solenoid


Engine control module (ECM) checks the signal for controlling the control valve (solenoid). If engine control module (ECM) detects an incorrect signal, the control module interprets this as a malfunction and the diagnostic trouble code is generated. The diagnostic trouble code can be diagnosed with the engine running and the A/C control active.

Possible source

  • The signal cable is short-circuited to ground.
  • Open circuit on the voltage feed.
  • Damaged control valve (solenoid).

Fault symptom

  • A/C system does not work.