Understanding the Fuse Box of Your MG RX8

Understanding the Fuse Box of Your MG RX8

Learn about the fuse box locations, fuse specifications, and the importance of proper fuse replacement in your MG RX8. Our detailed guide helps you understand each fuse’s function and amperage, ensuring you maintain your vehicle’s electrical system efficiently.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Battery Fuse Box MG RX8

Fuse Box Layout and Specifications

The engine compartment fuse box in the MG RX8 houses several fuses, each with specific functions and amperage ratings. Here’s a detailed layout and specification:

F115AEngine control module
F215AEngine control module
F320AUpstream oxygen sensor, clutch water pump, VVT valve – intake, VVT valve – exhaust, intake discharge valve, exhaust gas control valve, canister control valve, electronic thermostat
F420AIgnition coil
F515AGear selection switch, brake pedal switch, cooling fan motor
F610AElectronic water pump relay
F810AAir condition compressor relay
F930ASunroof control unit
F1025ABody control module
F1120AFuel pump relay
F1320AFuse F16, F17, F18, F29, F30, F31 in passenger compartment fuse box
F145AAirbag control module
F1510AEngine control module
F1610AHeadlamp leveling relay
F1730AExterior rearview mirror heating & rear window defogger relay
F187.5AFront left door exterior rearview mirror, front right door exterior rearview mirror
F1930ARear left window lift switch
F2030ARear right window lift switch
F2115AFront fog lamp relay
F2215AHorn relay
F2330AFront left window regulator motor
F2430AFront right window lift switch
F2510ALeft front main beam
F2610ARight front high beam
F2725ABody control module
F2825ABody control module
F2930AFront wiper enable relay, front wiper speed relay
F3020AWindscreen washer relay
F3115ARear wiper relay
F3220ARear window washer relay
F3430ASunroof control unit
F3625ADC/AC converter
F385AEngine control module
F4120ADriver seat heater relay
F4215ASteering wheel heater relay
F4320AFront passenger seat heater relay
SB140AMain relay
SB250ACooling fan motor
SB340AFuse F6, F7, F8, F9, F19, F20, F21, F22, F23 in passenger compartment fuse box
SB430ASeat memory module, driver seat adjustment switch (without seat memory)
SB525ABody control module
SB620AAnti-lock brake system (valve)
SB730ALeft motor of electronic parking brake
SB840AABS control unit
SB930ADC-DC converter
SB1040AStarter relay, KLR relay
SB1140AFront blower motor
SB1230ARear blower motor
SB1330APower tailgate control unit
SB1530ARight motor of electronic parking brake

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

MG rx8 Engine Compartmen tFuseBox

Fuse Box Layout and Specifications

The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the dashboard panel. Here’s a detailed layout and specification:

F115ARear loadspace power socket
F310AInterior rearview mirror, wireless charging of mobile phone, solar sensor USB port, rear seat USB port
F410A220V power socket
F515ACentre console power socket
F610AFront left window lift switch
F715ARear seat A/C control panel, entertainment panel switch, DLC
F825ABody control module
F95AABS control unit
F1110APassive entry and passive start (PEPS) control unit, rain sensor, front passenger seat ventilation
F1210ASeat memory module, driver seat ventilation
F1410AAir cleaner, gear display
F1610A6AT gear shift mechanism
F1710ADriving mode selection switch, centre console switch
F1810ABody control module
F1925AFront passenger seat adjustment switch
F2025ABody control module
F2110AAirbag control module
F2210AActive safety camera, tyre pressure monitoring system, antitheft control system
F2310ACommunication module
F2415AColour radio/INKANET mainframe
F2610AGateway, wireless charging of mobile phone
F2725ATransfer case control module
F2810AElectronic parking switch
F2910AParking assist sensor
F3010ADC-DC converter
F3110AInstrument pack, air quality sensor
F3215ATransmission control unit
F3310AInstrument pack
F3410AA/C control unit

How to Check or Replace a Fuse

  1. Turn off the ignition switch and all electrical appliances, and disconnect the battery negative cable.
  2. Press the catch to open the engine compartment fuse box cover.
  3. Hold the fuse head with the fuse extraction tool, pull and remove the fuse, and check if the fuse is blown.
  4. If a fuse is blown, replace it with another fuse of the same ampere value.

Bulb Replacement Guide

Bulb Specifications

Front Turn Signal LampWY21W 21W
Vanity Mirror LampC5W 5W
License Plate LampW5W 5W
Glove Box LampC10W 10W

Note: Other light sources not included in the list are all LEDs, which cannot be replaced individually. Only the assembly maintenance is provided.

Before replacing any bulb, turn off the ignition switch and lighting switch to avoid any possibility of a short circuit. Always replace bulbs with the same type and specification.


Maintaining the fuses in your MG RX8 ensures that your vehicle’s electrical components function correctly. Refer to the detailed fuse specifications to understand the role of each fuse and follow the proper steps for checking and replacing fuses. For bulb replacements, always use the specified types to avoid any electrical issues.

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