MG RX8 Comprehensive Wheel Alignment Guide

Comprehensive Wheel Alignment Guide for MG RX8

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your MG RX8. This guide delves into the detailed wheel alignment parameters for the MG RX8, explaining each aspect and its significance. Understanding and maintaining these specifications can help ensure a smoother ride, improved tire lifespan, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Four-Wheel Alignment Parameter Table (Unladen)

Ensuring that your MG RX8 is correctly aligned can improve handling, increase tire lifespan, and enhance overall driving safety. The following table outlines the specific alignment parameters for an unladen MG RX8.

Camber AngleLeft: -1°12′±15′Left: -1.2° ± 0.25°
Right: -1°7′±15′Right: -1.12° ± 0.25°
Castor AngleLeft: 5°24′±24′Left: 5.4° ± 0.4°
Right: 5°30′±24′Right: 5.5° ± 0.4°
Toe-in Angle8′±8′0.13° ± 0.13°
King Pin Inclination11°12′±30′11.2° ± 0.5°
Camber Angle0°±30′0° ± 0.5°
Toe-in Angle-0°10′±15′-0.17° ± 0.25°

Understanding the Parameters

1. Camber Angle

The camber angle refers to the tilt of the wheel from the vertical axis when viewed from the front or rear of the vehicle. Negative camber (tilting inwards) is specified for the MG RX8 to improve handling during cornering. The precise angles for the front wheels are:

  • Left: -1.2° ± 0.25°
  • Right: -1.12° ± 0.25°

A slight negative camber helps maintain tire contact with the road during turns, enhancing grip and stability.

2. Castor Angle

The castor angle is the tilt of the steering axis from the vertical axis when viewed from the side. It affects the vehicle’s steering stability and cornering. For the MG RX8, the recommended castor angles are:

  • Left: 5.4° ± 0.4°
  • Right: 5.5° ± 0.4°

A positive castor angle improves directional stability, making the vehicle easier to control at high speeds.

3. Toe-in Angle

The toe-in angle is the difference in the distance between the front and rear of the tires. For the MG RX8:

  • Front: 0.13° ± 0.13°
  • Rear: -0.17° ± 0.25°

Proper toe alignment ensures that the tires are parallel to each other, reducing tire wear and improving straight-line stability.

4. King Pin Inclination

King pin inclination is the tilt of the steering axis when viewed from the front. For the MG RX8, the recommended angle is:

  • 11.2° ± 0.5°

This angle aids in the self-centering of the steering wheel, enhancing the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Tyre and Wheel Specifications

The wheel and tire specifications for the MG RX8 are as follows:

Wheels and TyresSpecification
Wheel Rim Size7.5Jx18 (Front)
8.0Jx20 (Rear)
Tyre Size255/60 R18 (Front)
255/50 R20 (Rear)

Spare Wheel

The spare wheel should maintain the same specifications as the main wheels to ensure consistency in performance and safety.

Tyre Pressures (Cold)

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is crucial for vehicle safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. The recommended tyre pressures for the MG RX8 are:

Tyre Pressures (Cold)UnladenLaden
Front210 kPa/30 psi230 kPa/33 psi
Rear210 kPa/30 psi250 kPa/36 psi

Note: The pressure of the spare wheel should be consistent with that of the main tyres.


Proper wheel alignment is key to ensuring the optimal performance and safety of your MG RX8. By adhering to the specified alignment parameters and maintaining the correct tire pressures, you can enhance your vehicle’s stability, handling, and tire longevity. Regular maintenance and checks are vital in preserving these settings, thereby enhancing your overall driving experience.



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