Launch X431 SPECIAL FUNCTION for Ford Cars

The LAUNCH X431 has 370 SPECIAL FUNCTIONS for Ford Vehicles

All of the special features of the Launch X431 for Ford automobiles are listed below. The Launch X431 is the most powerful and reliable on-board diagnostics scanner available anywhere in the world today. It includes a variety of additional features that might assist you with automotive troubles. As of January 2022, this information is subject to change, and Launch may introduce further unique functions in the future.

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The Launch X431 scanner is the best in the world. Every car upgrade of the Launch X431 scanner will be enjoyable for you. The Launch X431 scanner does not have a software lock, but all of these functions are available if your Launch X431 scanner is genuine. So, to avoid future issues, I recommend purchasing the Launch X431 from your local dealer. Even though your dealer’s pricing is significantly more than the price online, it is still far lower than the cost of dealing with the problem of buying counterfeit Launch X431 online. You can get your Launch X431 in the Philippines. Please contact me 0915 568 4578.

Watch this video to to explore the list of Special Function of Launch X431

The 370 Special Function of Launch X431 for Ford Cars

  1. 360 Camera Calibration
  2. 360 Degree View Camera Alignment
  3. 4WD / AWD Rear Different…) Service Bleed Routine
  4. Accelerator Position Pedal Sweep Test
  5. Accelerometer Calibration
  6. Accurate Trim Test
  7. Active Torque Coupling (ATC1) Barcode Entry
  8. Adaptive Front Steering (AFS)
  9. Advanced Blockage Detection (ABD) Initialization
  10. Air Conditioning (A/C) System Pressure Test
  11. Air conditioning (A/C) Test
  12. Air Fuel Ratio (A/F)
  13. Ambient Air Temp Sensor Configuration
  14. Anti-Lock Brake System (Registration Number (VIN) Write
  15. Anti-Lock Brake System (…ule Bleed Configuration
  16. Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Calibration
  17. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Service Bleed
  18. Anti-Lock Braking System Configuration (CCC) Update
  19. Anti-Lock Braking System Control Unit (ECU) Reset
  20. Anti-Lock Braking System…ram (ESP) Service Bleed
  21. Anti-Lock Braking System…Reset And Configuration
  22. Anti-Lock Braking System…Stability Control (DSC)
  23. Apply And Release Test
  24. Apply The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  25. Assembly Check
  26. Audio – Audio Control Module (ACM)
  27. Audio Configuration
  28. Audio Control Module (ACM) Configuration
  29. Audio Control Module (ACM) Security Bypass Test
  30. Audio SpeaKer Walkaround Test
  31. Auto Shift Manual (ASM) Service Function
  32. Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
  33. Automatic Transmission Park Switch Test
  34. Automatic Transmission PRNDL Display Test
  35. Auxiliary Vehicle ID Reset
  36. Battery Energy Control M…sh Air Door Calibration
  37. Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) Cell Voltage
  38. Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Reset
  39. Beltminder Enable/Disable
  40. Bleed Master
  41. Body Control Module (BCM1) Crash Status Reset
  42. Body Control Module Crash Reset
  43. Body Rear Video Camera (RVC) Configuration
  44. Brake Master Cylinder Pr… Transducer Calibration
  45. Brake System Pressure Bleeding
  46. Bsi Solenoid Test
  47. Button Test
  48. Cable Adjustment Mode
  49. Calibrate A New Electric…king Brake (EPB) Module
  50. Calibrate Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor
  51. Calibrate Steering Angle Sensor
  52. Calibrate The Electric P…ake (EPB) Function Test
  53. Calibrate The Emergency Release
  54. Camera Alignment
  55. Camshaft Position Reference Adaption Learn
  56. Car Mod
  57. CCCLearn
  58. Change to simple mode
  59. Clear Crash Data Memory
  60. Clear Exhaust Gas Recirc…n (EGR) Adaptive Tables
  61. Clear Fuel Injector & He…P) Pump Adaptive Tables
  62. Clear Self Learning Data
  63. Clear Stored Clutch Engagement Point
  64. Clear Transmission Adaptive Tables
  65. Clutch Switch Learn
  66. Clutch System Learn
  67. Clutch System Test
  68. Collect Diagnostic Information
  69. Component Checks
  70. Configurable Engine Immo…CEI) Lock Configuration
  71. Configure All Three Sensors Together
  72. Configure Steering Column Assembly
  73. Configure The Both The Y…al Acceleration Sensors
  74. Configure The Intermediate Shaft
  75. Configure The Lateral Acceleration Sensor
  76. Configure The Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor
  77. Configure The Pressure Sensor
  78. Configure the steering angle sensor.
  79. Configure The Yaw Rate Sensor
  80. Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Fault Test
  81. Coolant Level Sensor Check
  82. Cooling System Degas
  83. Crank Test
  84. Cruise Control Module (CCM) Calibration
  85. Cruise Control Module (CCM1) Calibration
  86. Cruise Control Module (CCMii) Sensor Alignment
  87. Cruise Control Radar Alignment
  88. Damper Cold Start Initialization
  89. Data Reset
  90. Diesel Particulate Filte…aporizer System Priming
  91. Diesel Particulate Filte…PF) Manual Regeneration
  92. Diesel Particulate Filte…PF) Static Regeneration
  93. Diesel Particulate Filte…Regeneration Suspension
  94. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Parameter Reset
  95. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Reset
  96. Diesel Particulate Filter Dynamic Regeneration
  97. Diesel Particulate Filter Static Regeneration
  98. Disable Generic Display …tification Number (VIN)
  99. Disable the Traffic Sign…gnition Stored Map Data
  100. Disable Transport Mode
  101. Disable/Enable Rear Parking Aid Camera
  102. Driver Seat Module
  103. Driver Window Motor Test
  104. Driver’s Seat Module (DSM) Reset
  105. Electric Parking Brake (…ter Reset/Configuration
  106. Electrical Rear Video Camera (RVC) Configuration
  107. Electronic Accelerator (ETB) Check
  108. Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Initialization
  109. Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service Tools
  110. Electronic Parking Brake…vation and Deactivation
  111. Electronic Power Assist …ng (EPAS) Configuration
  112. Electronic Throttle Control
  113. Emergency Assist Activation
  114. Enable Heated Screens
  115. Enable/Disable Hill Launch Assist
  116. Engine Serial Number
  117. Enter The Ethanol Factor Value
  118. Enter The Fuel Injector Default Count Value
  119. Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Test
  120. Event Data Recorder Unlock
  121. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Test
  122. Exhaust Gas Temperature …Engine Protection Reset
  123. Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Configuration
  124. Exhaust System Test
  125. Factory Keyless Entry Code
  126. Fuel Economy Test
  127. Fuel Fired Coolant Heati…est And Prefill Utility
  128. Fuel Fired Coolant Heati…H) Start Heater Utility
  129. Fuel Fired Coolant Heati…le (FFH) Unlock Utility
  130. Fuel Injection Pump Learn
  131. Fuel Injector Correction Factors
  132. Fuel Injector Pilot Correction Learn
  133. Fuel Pump Reset/Reset Th…ng Valve Learned Values
  134. Fuel System Leak Test
  135. Fuel System Prime
  136. Fuel System Vaporizer Prime
  137. G Sensor Calibration
  138. Gauge Test
  139. Halt Transmission Adaptive Learning
  140. Headlamp Alignment
  141. Headlamp Control Module (HCM) Calibration
  142. High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps
  143. High Voltage (HV) De-energise Tool
  144. Hydraulic Control Unit (…il Solenoid Calibration
  145. Icp Sensor Test
  146. Illumination Test
  147. Image Processing Module A (IPMA) Alignment
  148. Inclination Sensor Calibration
  149. Infotainment Display Test
  150. Inhibit Longitudinal Accelerometer Monitoring
  151. Initialize The Exhaust Gas Related Component
  152. Injector Control Pressure (ICP) Sensor test
  153. Injector Programming Code Pwm
  154. Injector Quantity Adjustment (IQA)
  155. Injector Reset/Reset The…k Sensor Learned Values
  156. Input And Data Test
  157. Interactive Vehicle Dyna…Initialization Sequence
  158. Interior Scan Test
  159. Intrusion Sensor Module (ISM) Configuration
  160. Keyfob Training
  161. Keyless Entry Keypad Code Reset
  162. Lane Departure Warning S…(LDWS) Camera Alignment
  163. Learn the vehicle varian…tion Number (VIN) data.
  164. Learning
  165. Light Emitting Diode (LE…r Module Initialization
  166. Live Data Display Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  167. Local Interconnect Netwo…cessing Module B (IPMB)
  168. Local Interconnect Netwo…w Module Initialization
  169. Maintenance Mode
  170. Maintenance Revision Status
  171. Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Test
  172. Manual Reset Brakes
  173. Mass Fuel Observed Reset
  174. Microphone Test
  175. Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction
  176. Misfire Test
  177. Module Configuration
  178. Module Configuration-Res…nt Control Module (RCM)
  179. Module Initialization
  180. Monotones Test
  181. Multifunction Output Test
  182. Navigation
  183. Neutral Gear Position Learn
  184. Neutral Position Learning
  185. New Fuel Additive Control Module (FACM)
  186. Odometer Programming
  187. Odometer Write
  188. Oil Aeration Test
  189. On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Test Modes
  190. On-Demand Lock Test Routine
  191. Parking Aid Camera Configuration
  192. Parking Aid Switch Test
  193. Parking Light Configuration
  194. Particulate Filter Static Regeneration
  195. Passenger Airbag Deactivation Switch
  196. Passenger Airbag Deactivation Warning (PAD) Switch
  197. Passenger Airbag Enable/Disable
  198. Passenger Seat Weight Sensor Rezero
  199. Passenger Window Motor Test
  200. Passenger Zero Seat Weight Test
  201. Passive Anti Theft System (PATS) Functions
  202. Perimeter Alarm
  203. Pneumatic Test
  204. Police Idle
  205. Police Vehicle Top Speed Limit
  206. Power Balance
  207. Power Liftgate Initialization
  208. Power Window Initialization-Driver side
  209. Power Window Initialization-Passenger side
  210. Powertrain Control Modul… Reduction System Learn
  211. Powertrain Control Modul…ar Configuration Update
  212. Powertrain Control Modul…nditioning System Learn
  213. Powertrain Control Modul…uch Start Configuration
  214. Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Service Function
  215. Powertrain Control Module Engine Speed Learn
  216. Powertrain Control Module Odometer Learn
  217. Powertrain Control Module Speed Control Learn
  218. Powertrain Control Module Throttle Position Learn
  219. Powertrain Control Module Transmission Learn
  220. Pressure Sensor Calibration
  221. Primary Brake Pressure Sensor
  222. Prime The Fuel System.
  223. Pro Trailer Backup Assist Camera Alignment
  224. Programmable Module Installation
  225. Programmable Programmable Module Mounting
  226. Proxi Alignment
  227. Pull Drift Compensation (PDC) Reset
  228. Pull Drift Compensation Enable/Disable
  229. Pull Drift Compensation
  230. Pump Timing Test
  231. Read The Electronic Cont…nit (ECU) Serial Number
  232. Rear Brake Adjustment
  233. Rear Parking Aid Camera Alignment
  234. Rear Tones Test
  235. Rear Video Camera Configuration
  236. Rear Window Wiper Test
  237. Refill The Fuel Additive Tank (FAT)
  238. Relative Compression
  239. Relearn Vehicle Data
  240. Release The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  241. Remote Key Fob Learn
  242. Remote Keyless Entry
  243. Remote Start
  244. Reset Charge Air Cooler …s Valve Position Offset
  245. Reset Clear Specified Function
  246. Reset Differential Pressure Sensor Learned Values
  247. Reset Keep Alive Memory (KAM)
  248. Reset Keep Alive Memory …ntrol Module C (SOBDMC)
  249. Reset Keep Alive Memory …on Control Module (TCM)
  250. Reset MAF Sensor Drift.
  251. Reset MAF Sensor Offset.
  252. Reset Maintenance Lamp
  253. Reset Pressure Sensor Offs
  254. Reset The Active Grille Shutter Learned Values
  255. Reset The Air Conditioni…mpressor Learned Values
  256. Reset The Cooling Fan Motor Learned Values
  257. Reset The Diesel Particulate Sensor Learned Values
  258. Reset the Diesel Particulate Sensor Learned Values
  259. Reset the Diesel Particulater (DPF) Learned Values
  260. Reset The Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values
  261. Reset The Exhaust Gas Re…on Valve Learned Values
  262. Reset The Exhaust Gas Temperature Value
  263. Reset The Flywheel Learned Values
  264. Reset The Front Nitrogen…) Sensor Learned Values
  265. Reset The Fuel Injection Pump Learned Values
  266. Reset The Fuel Injector …ned Values – Cylinder 1
  267. Reset The Fuel Injector …ned Values – Cylinder 2
  268. Reset The Fuel Injector …ned Values – Cylinder 3
  269. Reset The Fuel Injector …ned Values – Cylinder 4
  270. Reset The Fuel Injector Learned Values
  271. Reset The Fuel Metering Valve Learned Values
  272. Reset The Fuel Pressure … Duration Learned Value
  273. Reset The Fuel Pressure …ef Valve Learned Values
  274. Reset The Fuel Pressure …pen Count Learned Value
  275. Reset The Heated Exhaust…n Sensor Learned Values
  276. Reset The High Pressure Fuel Pump Learned Values
  277. Reset The High Pressure Fuel System Learned Values
  278. Reset the Image Processi…A (IPMA) Learned Values
  279. Reset The Intake Air Throttle Valve Learned Values
  280. Reset The Low Pressure Fuel Pump Learned Values
  281. Reset The Low Pressure Fuel System Learned Values
  282. Reset The Mass Air Flow Sensor Learned Values
  283. Reset The Mass Air Flow Sensor Learned Values
  284. Reset The Neutral Gear Position Learned Value
  285. Reset The Nitrogen Oxide…) Sensor Learned Values
  286. Reset The Oil Change Indicator
  287. Reset the Particulate Fi…e Sensor Learned Values
  288. Reset the Particulate Filter Learned Values
  289. Reset The Powertrain Control Module Learned Values
  290. Reset The Rear Nitrogen …) Sensor Learned Values
  291. Reset The Transmission C…l Module Learned Values
  292. Reset The Transmission Oil Learned Values
  293. Reset The Turbocharger Accumulated Soot Value
  294. Reset The Turbocharger Learned Values
  295. Reset The Turbocharger V…Actuator Learned Values
  296. Reset The Turbocharger V…n Sensor Learned Values
  297. Reset The Water In Fuel Warning Indicator
  298. Reset Tracking And Blocking Module (TBM) Password
  299. Reset Transmission Adapt…Shifting Learned Values
  300. Reset Transmission Tables
  301. Restraint Control Module…r Reset / Configuration
  302. Resume Transmission Adaptive Learning
  303. RF KeyPad Learn Process
  304. Ride Height Calibration New
  305. Rmode Rebalance
  306. Rpm Controller
  307. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System
  308. Sensor Initialization
  309. Sensor Learn Routine
  310. Service Functions-Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  311. Service Routine
  312. Shift Fork System Learn
  313. Show Generic Electronic Module (GEM) Configuration
  314. Side Obstacle Detection left (SODL) Module Reset
  315. Side Obstacle Detection right (SODR) Module Reset
  316. Side Obstacle Detection mode (DTC) Configuration
  317. Smart Key System
  318. SmartLink Pairing
  319. Spark Duration Pids
  320. Speech Recognition Module (SPRM) Configuration
  321. Speed Limiting
  322. Speed Sensor Test
  323. Stall Line Pressure Test
  324. State Of Charge (SOC) Correction
  325. Static Apply
  326. Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
  327. Steering Angle Sensor Module (SASM) Module Reset
  328. Steering Motor Angle Trim
  329. Steering Rack Limiter Configuration
  330. Steering Toe Adjustment
  331. Steering Wheel Angle Trim
  332. Steering Wheel Position Sensor Calibration
  333. Stop Use of Transmission Adaptive
  334. Stop-Start Activation
  335. Straight Ahead Adaption Angle Reset
  336. System Prime
  337. The Installation Of A Ne…on Control Module (TCM)
  338. The Installation Of A Ne…on Control Module (TCM)
  339. The Installation Of A Ne…on Control Module (TCM)
  340. The Removal And Installa…he Selector Lever Cable
  341. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Functions
  342. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Reset
  343. Tire Pressure Monitoring (ABS) Module Replacement
  344. Tire Pressure Monitoring…Functions Workshop Test
  345. Tire Pressure Monitoring…S) Sensor Training Mode
  346. Tire Size Configuration
  347. Tones Test
  348. TR (Transmission Range) Sensor Test
  349. Track Key Configuration
  350. Tracking And Blocking Module (TBM) Sim Rav Id
  351. Tracking And Blocking Module (TBM) Transit Mode
  352. Trailer Tow Configuration
  353. Transmission Control Mod…(TCM) Adaptive Learning
  354. Transmission Control Module (TCM) Basic Setting
  355. Transmission Fluid Drain And Refill
  356. Transmission Fluid Level Test
  357. Transmission Hydraulic Line Pressure Test
  358. Transmission Learning
  359. Transmission Range (TR) Sensor Test
  360. Transmission Range Sensor Learn
  361. Transmission Solenoid Body Identification (IDN)
  362. Transmission Solenoid Body Idn
  363. Transmission Speed Sensor Test
  364. Transmission
  365. Valve Calibration
  366. Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) System Test
  367. WIF Reset
  368. Windshield Wiper Test
  369. Wiper Motor Module (WMM) Calibration
  370. Zero Speed Test

Compiled and Research by Erwin Salarda