HOW TO RESET: Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Light

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset

Simple tutorial on how to reset the Service Maintenance Reminder Indicator Message Light on GLE-Class W166m (ML350, ML400, ML550, ML350, ML63, GLE500) from the year 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019.

Step 1

  • Close all doors. Set the gear to the park position.

Step 2

  • Turn the ignition to position 1  (First Position).

Step 3

  • Make sure the KM/MILES is displayed on the instrument cluster.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset- KM is displayed

Step 4

  • Then simultaneously press and hold the CALLEND CALL, and the OK button until the VEHICLE DATA is displayed.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset-end call and ok button

Step 5

  • Then scroll down to ASSYST PLUS then press the OK button.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset- scroll down to assyst plus

Step 6

  • Scroll down to FULL SERVICE then press the OK button.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset- full service

Step 7

  • Then scroll and select the CONF. FULL. SERV. then press the OK button.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset- conf. full. serv.

Step 8

  • OIL GRADE SERVICE CARRIED OUT? Select YES and press the OK button.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset - select YES

Step 9

  • Then select CONFIRM then press the OK button.Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166 Service Maintenance Light Reset- confirm

Step 10

  • Service maintenance reminder reset is complete. Turn the ignition off.


  • ML 400
  • GLE 400 4MATIC
  • ML 550 4MATIC
  • ML 63
  • LE 63 AMG
  • ML 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC
  • GLE 250d 4MATIC
  • ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC
  • GLE 350d 4MATIC
  • GLE 500e

About Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class W166

n 2006, development began on the next-generation M-Class and spanned over a period of 5 years, a shorter duration than its predecessor. In 2008, the final design by Emiel Burki was approved and patented domestically on 16 December 2008 (U.S. design patent filed on 15 June 2009). The newly redesigned M-Class (chassis name W166) was introduced in pre-production form 10 June 2011 as a 2012 model. The first customer-designated W166 rolled off the Vance production line on 20 July.It is moderately refined, taking styling cues from the new generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class. An increase in rear seat legroom has been implemented, alongside adjustable rear back-rests. It was to be launched in September 2011.

New features in the 2012 M-Class include an updated 7G-Tronic Plus seven-speed automatic transmission to provide improved fuel economy, optional Adaptive Cruise Control (Distronic Plus), Active Lane Departure Warning System, and an adjustable-height air suspension (AirMatic). An ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM with active anti-roll bars for body roll compensation was introduced.

The W166 was one of the last vestiges of the joint venture between Daimler and Chrysler while they were a consolidated company. DaimlerChrysler developed the core platform and technology, benefitting from Chrysler’s strong SUV sales and R&D domestically. The underlying platform work was largely completed in 2006, as the two companies were separated. Chrysler uses the same platform to power the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) and Dodge Durango. Because of the separation however, the cars are extremely different in terms of interior and body design as well as engine choices. Aside from engines, the three SUVs share many powertrain components, including some transmissions.

An On&Off Road Package is available for most markets (now including North America) as of the 2013 model year. The package adds a two-speed dual range Magna Powertrain transfer case with center differential lock, reduction gearing, underbody skid plates, and a 6-mode selectable terrain driving program system. The rear differential lock has been discontinued.

Open front and rear differentials are fitted, and use four-wheel electronic traction system (4-ETS) to simulate front and rear differential locks.

The Mercedes M-Class won first place in the “Luxury Crossover SUV” category and has been named the most ideal vehicle for Americans based on a study undertaken by California-based automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific.

Mercedes-Benz India established a manufacturing plant in Chakan, Pune in early 2009 that rolled out the first W166 M-Class to be built outside the US in October 2012. In the following month, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia began M-Class assembly at a factory in Wanaherang, West Java. These plants perform final assembly of vehicles shipped as “knocked-down” kits from Vance, USA.

In the second half of 2015 a facelifted W166 was released as the GLE, along with a coupé version.

The previous Popemobile was based on the 2012 M-Class and was delivered in December 2012. (source:wiki)