How to: Honda Fit / Jazz 2014-2019 Oil Maintenance Reminder Reset

How to Reset the Oil Maintenance Minder of Honda fit and Jazz from year 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019.

About this model:

The third generation Fit/Jazz retains the overall design concept of previous generations, notably the center-located fuel tank and multi-configuration interior concept, marketed as Magic Seating.

Honda’s all-new “Global Small Car Platform” employing ultra-high strength 780 MPa yield steel for 27% of its bodywork — and a shorter overall length (-1.6 inches), longer wheelbase (+1.2inch) increased rear legroom (+4.8 inches) and increased passenger volume (+4.9 cu ft) compared to its previous generation.

Body panels are both welded and bolted to the frame in a hybrid monocoque and spaceframe fusion — and rear torsion beam suspension is more compact, no longer using an anti-sway bar to maximize interior and cargo space. The HR-V shares its platform with the Fit.


Resetting the Engine Oil Life

Honda fit 2015-2019 information display


If you change or replace the vehicle’s engine oil yourself, you must reset the engine oil life.

  1. Press the select/reset knob until the oil life screen is displayed.
  2. Press and hold the knob for 10 seconds, or until the maintenance codes and oil life blink.
  3. Press and hold the knob for 5 seconds, or until the maintenance codes disappear and the engine oil life display returns to 100%.

Notice: Failure to reset the engine oil life after a maintenance service results in the system showing incorrect maintenance intervals, which can lead to serious mechanical problems.