How to Access the Air Flow Meter Learning Value reset in the OBD Scanner

Guide on how Access the Air Flow Meter Learning Value reset in the OBD Scanner

Some car Diagnostic Tools or OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) scanners are capable of reset the Air Flow Meter Learning Value. In simple terms, it is a function that is used to reset learned value or adaptation value of the air flow meter which is part of the engine management system.

Also known as Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, an air flow meter determines the amount of air going into an engine. As time goes by, the engine control unit (ECU) will learn and adapt to changes in readings from the air flow meter caused by things such as aging sensors, deposition among other environmental factors.

The adaptation value or learned value refers to a correction factor which ECU applies on signal from airflow sensor for proper calculations for air to fuel ratio and most efficient engine running.

A reset of this learning process should be done if any of the following happens:

1. After replacing the mass airflow sensor: The ECU, after replacement of damaged meters and resetting learn values, can have new detectors in its character and this will facilitate fresh start for them.

2. After extensive repairs or changes: Replacing the throttle body, intake manifold or other related components such as major engine repairs may necessitate resetting learned value to enable ECU adapt to the new changes.

3.To clear adaptive memory: In some cases, learned value may become skewed or corrupted leading to poor engine performance or drivability issues. Resetting learned value helps clear adaptive memory and enables ECU to relearn correct values.

It should be noted that after resetting the Air Flow Meter Learning Value; it is normal for a vehicle to experience a temporary decrease in fuel economy or drivability until the ECU has had enough time to relearn and adjust itself to new conditions.

Moreover, some OBD scanners or diagnostic tools may have specific instructions or procedures on how to reset Air Flow Meter Learning Value which should be followed with utmost care so as not to malfunction.

Instruction to Access the Air Flow Meter Learning Value reset in the OBD Scanner

The Air Flow Meter Learning Value reset can be accessed by following this instruction.

  1. Open your OBD scanner.
  2. Select Local Diagnose if you are using Launch X431.
  3. Select Car Brand Select Model (auto-detect is better to detect the vehicle VIN).
  4. Select and check the following: ECMECT (Engine and ECT), ECM (Engine Control Module)
  5. Select Special Function Then click Air Flow Meter Learning Value reset.

The sample car model with this feature is the Toyota Corolla 2015 till to the current Year model.

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