Comprehensive Guide to Coolant Capacities of Chevrolet Cars

Comprehensive Guide to Coolant Capacities of Chevrolet Cars

This comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need to know about the coolant capacities of Chevrolet cars. Find out how much coolant your specific model needs. With this guide, you can keep your Chevrolet running cool and prevent costly repairs.

Please note that this is a guide only. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your owner’s manual.

  • Coolant is essential for keeping your Chevrolet running cool and preventing costly repairs.
  • By knowing the coolant capacity of your specific model, you can ensure that you have the right amount of coolant on hand.
  • Regularly checking and maintaining your coolant levels will help to keep your Chevrolet running smoothly and prevent overheating.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the coolant capacity of your Chevrolet, please consult your owner’s manual.

Chevrolet Spark

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2007-20101.0L L44.2
2011-20161.2L L44.5
2016-Present1.4L L45.0

Chevrolet Sonic

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2012-20151.4L L44.2
2012-20151.8L L44.8
2016-Present1.4L L46.9
2016-Present1.8L L46.3

Chevrolet Malibu

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1997-20052.4L L46.7
1997-20053.1L V68.2
2006-20072.4L L46.8
2006-20073.5L V69.9
2008-20122.4L L47.5
2008-20123.5L V610.3
2013-20162.5L L47.4
2013-20162.0L L4 Turbo6.3
2017-Present1.5L L4 Turbo6.7
2017-Present2.0L L4 Turbo7.4

Chevrolet Impala

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1994-19963.8L V612.3
1994-19965.7L V817.6
1997-20003.8L V612.3
1997-20005.0L V815.2
2001-20053.8L V612.3
2001-20055.3L V816.4
2006-20143.5L V612.5
2006-20146.0L V819.2
2014-Present2.5L L4 Turbo10.1
2014-Present3.6L V614.1


Chevrolet Volt

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2010-20151.4L L46.2
2016-Present1.5L L46.0


Chevrolet Camaro

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1967-19693.8L V611.2
1967-19695.7L V818.3
1970-1973350ci V817.9
1974-1979350ci V816.4
1982-19925.0L V816.4
1993-20023.8L V612.3
1993-20025.7L V818.3
2009-20156.2L V821.1
2016-Present6.2L V822.7

Chevrolet Corvette

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1953-1962283ci V811.2
1963-1967327ci V814.5
1968-1972427ci V820.8
1973-1974350ci V816.6
1975-1982350ci V816.4
1984-19965.7L V819.2
1997-20045.7L V821.1
2005-20136.2L V822.7
2014-Present6.2L V823.7

Chevrolet Silverado

1999-20074.8L V813.0
1999-20075.3L V816.7
2007-20134.8L V813.4
2007-20135.3L V816.9
2014-Present4.3L V614.8
2014-Present5.3L V815.6
2014-Present6.2L V818.9

Chevrolet Tahoe

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1995-20004.8L V817.1
1995-20005.7L V821.8
2000-20064.8L V817.4
2000-20065.3L V822.1
2007-20145.3L V822.3
2007-20146.2L V826.3
2015-Present5.3L V822.4
2015-Present6.2L V826.5

Chevrolet Suburban

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1996-20005.7L V824.1
1996-20007.4L V830.6
2000-20065.3L V824.5
2000-20066.0L V828.8
2007-20145.3L V824.6
2007-20146.2L V830.0
2015-Present5.3L V824.7
2015-Present6.2L V830.2

Chevrolet Traverse

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2009-20143.6L V611.8
2015-Present3.6L V612.3
2017-Present2.0L Turbo L48.5

Chevrolet Equinox

YearEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2005-20092.4L L49.8
2009-20172.4L L410.2
2017-Present1.5L L4 Turbo7.0
2017-Present2.0L L4 Turbo7.9

Chevrolet Blazer

earGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2019-PresentK2LT2.5L L410.1
2019-PresentK2RS2.5L L410.1
2019-PresentK2Premier2.5L L410.1
2023-PresentK22LT3.6L V613.0
2023-PresentK2RS3.6L V613.0
2023-PresentK2Premier3.6L V613.0

Chevrolet Colorado

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2015-2018GMT360WT2.5L L411.5
2015-2018GMT360LT2.5L L411.5
2015-2018GMT360Z713.6L V614.8
2015-2018GMT360ZR23.6L V614.8
2019-PresentT1WT2.5L L412.5
2019-PresentT1LT2.5L L412.5
2019-PresentT1Z713.6L V615.6
2019-PresentT1ZR23.6L V615.6

Chevrolet Express

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1996-2002GMT460Cargo4.3L V613.4
1996-2002GMT460Passenger4.3L V613.4
2003-2006GMT460Cargo4.3L V616.9
2003-2006GMT460Passenger4.3L V616.9
2007-2014GMT600Cargo4.3L V618.9
2007-2014GMT600Passenger4.3L V618.9
2015-PresentGMT630Cargo4.3L V618.9
2015-PresentGMT630Passenger4.3L V618.9

Chevrolet Sprinter

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2003-2006W906Cargo2.7L L411.3
2003-2006W906Passenger2.7L L411.3
2007-2014W906Cargo3.0L V614.0
2007-2014W906Passenger3.0L V614.0
2015-PresentW907Cargo2.0L Turbo L49.7
2015-PresentW907Passenger2.0L Turbo L49.7
2015-PresentW907Cargo3.0L V614.0
2015-PresentW907Passenger3.0L V614.0

Chevrolet Trailblazer

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2002-2009GMT360LS4.2L V611.8
2002-2009GMT360LT4.2L V611.8
2002-2003GMT360SS5.3L V816.7
2004-2009GMT360SS6.0L V818.8
2012-2016GMT360LS2.4L L410.2
2012-2016GMT360LT2.4L L410.2
2015-PresentK2LT3.6L V612.3
2015-PresentK2Premier3.6L V612.3

Chevrolet Trax

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2013-2014GM100LS1.8L L46.9
2013-2014GM100LT1.8L L46.9
2015-PresentGM100LS1.4L L46.2
2015-PresentGM100LT1.4L L46.2

Chevrolet Silverado HD

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2007-2013GMT800Work Truck6.0L V822.7
2007-2013GMT800LT6.0L V822.7
2007-2013GMT800LTZ6.0L V822.7
2014-PresentGMT900Work Truck6.0L V825.0
2014-PresentGMT900LT6.0L V825.0
2014-PresentGMT900LTZ6.0L V825.0
2014-PresentGMT900High Country6.0L V825.0
2017-PresentGMT9002500HD6.6L V826.6
2017-PresentGMT9003500HD6.6L V829.8

Chevrolet Avalanche

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2002-2006GMT800LS5.3L V821.8
2002-2006GMT800LT5.3L V821.8
2002-2006GMT800LTZ5.3L V821.8
2007-2013GMT900LS5.3L V822.7
2007-2013GMT900LT5.3L V822.7
2007-2013GMT900LTZ5.3L V822.7
2007-2013GMT90025006.0L V824.1
2007-2013GMT90035006.0L V827.3

Chevrolet S-10

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
1994-2004GMT350Base4.3L V614.0
1994-2004GMT350LS4.3L V614.0
2005-2013GMT355Base4.3L V614.0
2005-2013GMT355LT4.3L V614.0
2005-2013GMT355Xtreme4.3L V614.0

Chevrolet Uplander

YearGenerationTrimEngineCoolant Capacity (L)
2004-2013GMT360Base3.5L V611.8
2004-2013GMT360LS3.5L V611.8
2004-2013GMT360LT3.5L V611.8
2014-2015GMT360LS3.6L V612.3
2014-2015GMT360LT3.6L V612.3


We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your owner’s manual.