Buy Pinas: Kuper K9800 3D Wheel Alignment System

Kuper K9800 3D Wheel Alignment System

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lawrence KUPER K9800 Wheel Aligner

6.4 Mega Pixels(K9800)

  • Continuously monitoring on the target position
    Feedback on target state at any time
    Providing accurate dynamic measuring results

Image Stabilizing System

  • Self-developed technology
  • Enable free rolling compensation
  • Stable shooting, accurate reading

Mini Aluminium Target Black Technology

  • The BLACK TECH plate can reduce the influence of sidelight to improve the clarity of the image and ensure the accuracy of measurement
  • Made of aluminium material, ultra-thin and light
  • Target size: 5.3inches & 6.9inches

IAA Lifting System

  • Global origination, leading technology
  • Intelligent control, accurate alignment
  • No human intervention, more efficient
  • Automatically track targets, ready for users to easily obtain the best measurement position

3D Display Interface

  • Global origination
  • Authentic effect
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Controllable, more user-friendly

32-inch Display Monitor

  • Clear readings, remote operation, and adjustment
  • Two Adjustment Models
  • Two adjustment models of displaying the measuring and adjusting results are available in the program

Jack Up Adjustment

After alignment measurement, the values can be frozen for jack up adjustment


Drive-on Camera Aid

  • The drive-on camera aid helps guide the proper parking of the vehicle to be aligned, ensuring safety and efficiency
  • Patented Intelligent Digital Display
  • Friendly greeting in staring up
    Warm reminding during operation

Smart Toe 1

  • Adjust the toe without steering wheel holder for vehicles with big backlash
  • The steering will be always center

Smart Toe 2

  • Turn the front wheels left or right and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered to readings
  • Reduce the redundant steps in front toe adjustment center

lawrence KUPER K9800 Wheel Aligner


LAWRENCE KUPER K9800 Wheel Aligner