Buy Pinas: 3Excel T288 3D Wheel Aligner System

Buy Pinas 3Excel T288 3D Wheel Aligner System
Buy Pinas 3Excel T288 3D Wheel Aligner System

3Excel T288 3D Wheel Aligner System

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Product Special Features

  1. Applicable for multi-working bays, including small scissor lift, two-post lift, four-post lift, and service pit.
  2. Jack&Hold function, means that the chassis can be adjusted with tire floated.
  3. Camera beam auto-tracking targets, for convenient Wheel Alignment adjustment height.
  4. Advanced Micro Distance Vehicle Pushing, means Wheels rolling within turntable no need to run over the bridge.


Product Functions:

Function feature
1. Measurement parameters: camber, caster, the kingpin inclination, toe, set-back angle, thrust angle, axle offset measurement, wheel offset measurement, wheelbase measurement, tread measurement, tire diameter, zero toe camber, 20’turn angle , maximum turning angle.
2. Easily maintenance, download and upgrade freely for the model data
3. Maintenance-free positioning technology. There is no electronic component, so the wheel alignment will not have a component failure problem.
4. The operation is simple and fast, and all modules are automatically switching in the background, which improves work efficiency.
5. Intelligent error correction system makes compensation fixes for rim deformation, target installation irregularity, lift level difference and electronic component drift.
6. Measurement progress no need to compensate for the steel ring, the precise eccentric compensation will be just once pulling or pushing the car back and forth.
7. The advanced filter system deeply shields the ambient light and natural light to ensure normal measurement.
8. Non-stop pushing and turning steering wheel improves measurement speed and efficiency.
9. Software system Easy to operate, complete conventional basic parameters within two minutes, significantly faster than conventional aligners
10. The operation can be finished with the help of intelligent LED indication.
11. With fast measurement function, only need vehicle pushing without turning Steering Wheel
12. 3D demo version makes it easier to learn for the technician.
13. Equipment Calibration – once calibration before delivery, workable immediately after installation, no need for periodic calibration.
14. Customer feedback reminder timely reminds workshop to follow up with car situation and maintain old customers.
15. Fast-installing wheel clamps for a variety of wheels from 11″ to 22″, up to 26″ (additional accessories required).
16. The intelligent diagnostic system can automatically analyze hardware connections and usage anomalies.
17. Three intelligent control systems can greatly improve the life of core devices and save power consumption.
18. Intelligent identification for vehicle pushing and turning the steering wheel.
19. Intelligent target monitoring alarm system.



Rear Wheel Thrust Angle±0.02°±2°
Axial Offset±0.02°±2°
Track Width Difference±0.02°±2°
Wheelbase Difference±0.02°±2°
Front Set-Back±0.02°±2°
Rear Set-Back±0.02°±2°
Wheel Tread±0.64cm<265cm(105in)
Wheel Base±0.64cm<533cm(210in)







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