Bright Tire Changer – BP810-LYNX

Bright Tire Changer – BP810-LYNX


Semi-professional Swingarm Tire Changer

The ideal machine for the small workshop or service station. The BRIGHT LYNX is a semi-automatic tire machine equipped with a sideways rotating mounting arm, allowing the machine to be placed in small spaces. The machine is robust and suitable for standard wheels from 10″to 23″ inches. The control pedals have a stop-move function that can stop the chuck jaws at any position to easily tighten the rim.

The BRIGHT LYNX can be equipped with the PL230 assist arm, a one-hand operated bead pressure tool, and an additional mounting head for mounting big and/or stiff tires, or tires such as SSR and Run-Flat tires. It can also be equipped with a plastic demount head to avoid damage to alloy wheels and a motorcycle adapter kit for the mounting/demounting or motorcycle tires. Through its optimal protection, and an easy connection to standard AC this tire machine is the best of its kind.

Bright Tire Changer - BP810-LYNX

Technical Specification:

EN / DE / FR / NL
Outside clamp / Felgeneinspannung von außen / Domaine de centrage par l´extérieur / Uitwendig opspannen10” – 20” inch
Inside clamp / Felgeneinspannung von innen / Domaine de centrage par l´intérieur / Inwendig opspannen12” – 23” inch
Max. wheel diameter / Max. Raddurchmesser / Diamètre max. de pneu \ Max. velgdiameter960 mm
Tire width / Max. Felgenbreite / Largeur de pneu/ Max. velgbreedte3” – 12” inch
Turntable configuration / Drehscheibe Konfiguration / Configuration plateau tournant / Configuratie draaitafel20” arch shape
Turntable rotation speed / Drehgeschwindigkeit / Vitesse de rotation du plateau tournant / Draaisnelheid6,5 rpm
Turntable ram cylinder diameter / Zylinderdurchmesser der Drehscheibe / Diamètre du cylindre du plateau tournant / Cilinderdiameter ram draaitafel70 mm
Working air pressure / Betriebsdruck / Pression pneumatique / Werkdruk8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force / Abdrückkraft / Force de rupture du pneu / Afdrukcapaciteit 2500 kg2500 kg
Power supply voltage / Stromversorgung / Alimentation électrique / Elektrisch vermogen230v/1Ph-50 Hz
Power / Motorleistung / Énergie / Motorvermogen1.1kW
Noise / Geräuschpegel / Niveau sonore / Geluidsniveau <70 dB<70 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) / Maße (LxBxH) / Dimensions (LxPxH) / Afmetingen (Lxbxh)1200 x 1100 x 1950 mm
CTN. size / Verpackungs-Maß / Dimensions d’emballage / Verpakkingsafmetingen 980 x 760 x 950 mm980 x 760 x 950 mm
Nett weight / Nettogewicht / Poids net / Netto gewicht179 kg
Gross weight / Bruttogewicht / Poids brut / Bruto gewicht207 kg