Bright Robotic Leverless Tire Changer - LC896

Bright LC896 Robotic Leverless Tire Changer


Car Pro Tire Changer especially equiped for Car Tires.

  • Suitable for various tires in the marketplace, bead breaking disc rotates to separate the rim from the tire, eases the operation with its unique function. The machine is safe and high efficient.
  • The vertical pole is made of 200*150mm square tube with better intensity and there’s no deformation during demounting and mounting the tires.
  • By centrally locking the rim, you can prevent possible damage to the rim.

Bright Robotic Leverless Tire Changer - LC896


Technical Specification:

EN / DE / FR / NL
Outside clamp / Felgeneinspannung von außen / Domaine de centrage par l´extérieur / Uitwendig opspannen13” – 30” inch
Max. wheel diameter / Max. Raddurchmesser / Diamètre max. de pneu \ Max. velgdiameter1200 mm
Tire width / Max. Felgenbreite / Largeur de pneu/ Max. velgbreedte3” – 14” inch
Turntable configuration / Drehscheibe Konfiguration / Configuration plateau tournant / Configuratie draaitafelCenter post
Turntable rotation speed / Drehgeschwindigkeit / Vitesse de rotation du plateau tournant / Draaisnelheid6,5 rpm – 13 rpm slow/fast speed
Working air pressure / Betriebsdruck / Pression pneumatique / Werkdruk8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force / Abdrückkraft / Force de rupture du pneu / Afdrukcapaciteit 2500 kg1000 kg
Power supply voltage / Stromversorgung / Alimentation électrique / Elektrisch vermogen380v/1Ph-50 Hz
Power / Motorleistung / Énergie / Motorvermogen0.85 – 1.1kW (2 speed)
Noise / Geräuschpegel / Niveau sonore / Geluidsniveau <70 dB<70 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) / Maße (LxBxH) / Dimensions (LxPxH) / Afmetingen (Lxbxh)2600x2000x2200 mm
CTN. size / Verpackungs-Maß / Dimensions d’emballage / Verpakkingsafmetingen 980 x 760 x 950 mm1550x1800x1870 mm
Nett weight / Nettogewicht / Poids net / Netto gewicht510 kg
Gross weight / Bruttogewicht / Poids brut / Bruto gewicht605 kg

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