Premium Quality Bright Pneumatic Tire Changer BPM806B-FOX

Premium Quality Bright Pneumatic Tire Changer BPM806B-FOX


Semi-professional Swingarm Motorcycle Tire Changer

The best choice for the motorcycle specialist. The BRIGHT FOX is a semi-automatic tire machine that features a sideways rotating mounting arm, allowing the machine to be placed in small spaces. The mounting head is made from special steel for a lifetime warranty and is suitable for motorcycle tires from 6″ to 24″ inches. The control pedals have a stop-move function that can stop the chuck jaws at any position to easily tighten the rim. The claws can be adjusted in 3 positions without the use of accessories.

This machine is specially designed for the mounting/demounting of small wheels. The BRIGHT FOX is equipped with a large turntable with one speed of 6,5 rev/min. and bead breaker with a protected surface. The powerful bead breaker has a capacity of 2500 kg of force. Through its optimal protection, and an easy connection to standard AC power this motorcycle tire machine is the ideal machine in its class.

Technical Specification

EN / DE / FR / NL
Outside clamp / Felgeneinspannung von außen / Domaine de centrage par l´extérieur / Uitwendig opspannen6” – 24” inch
Max. wheel diameter / Max. Raddurchmesser / Diamètre max. de pneu \ Max. velgdiameter960 mm
Tire width / Max. Felgenbreite / Largeur de pneu/ Max. velgbreedte3” – 12” inch
Turntable configuration / Drehscheibe Konfiguration / Configuration plateau tournant / Configuratie draaitafel18” round shape
Turntable ram cylinder diameter / Zylinderdurchmesser der Drehscheibe / Diamètre du cylindre du plateau tournant / Cilinderdiameter ram draaitafel70 mm
Working air pressure / Betriebsdruck / Pression pneumatique / Werkdruk8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force / Abdrückkraft / Force de rupture du pneu / Afdrukcapaciteit 2500 kg2500 kg
Power supply voltage / Stromversorgung / Alimentation électrique / Elektrisch vermogen230v/1Ph-50 Hz
Power / Motorleistung / Énergie / Motorvermogen1.1kW
Noise / Geräuschpegel / Niveau sonore / Geluidsniveau <70 dB<70 dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) / Maße (LxBxH) / Dimensions (LxPxH) / Afmetingen (Lxbxh)1200 x 1100 x 1950 mm
CTN. size / Verpackungs-Maß / Dimensions d’emballage / Verpakkingsafmetingen 980 x 760 x 950 mm980 x 760 x 950 mm
Nett weight / Nettogewicht / Poids net / Netto gewicht185 kg
Gross weight / Bruttogewicht / Poids brut / Bruto gewicht215 kg

Bright Pneumatic Tire Changer BPM806B-FOX