Audi TPMS Reset 1997-2003 A6/A8/S8 all


1997-2003 A6/A8/S8 all

If a “low tire pressure” warning light is observed, filling the tire(s) to specified pressures should shut the light off.  If the light remains on follow the below procedure.

The tire pressure monitoring system is operated using the Multi Media Interface (MMI). The system monitors tire pressures that are specified by the operator.  Before hand, the following steps must be performed:

Checking and correcting tire pressures:

l First check and correct all tire pressures on vehicle (including spare tire) Refer to specified tire pressures on tank flap data label.

Saving tire pressures:

After checking the tire pressures and correctly filling the tires, the current pressures must be stored in memory. The system automatically carries out an adaptation procedure.

Proceed as follows:

  •  Switch ignition on.
  • Press function key “CAR”.
  • In”CAR” menu, select systems.
  • Select tire pressure monitoring system.
  • l Select “store tire pressure”.

Tire pressures must be stored each time the tire pressure and or tire has been changed.

Further information can be found under “Wheels and Tires : Tire Monitoring System : Service and Repair : Procedures.


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