3Excel CCD E315 Wheel Aligner Software and Database Download

3Excel CCD E315 Wheel Aligner Software and Database Download

This software will work only for 3Excel E315 Wheel Alignment Machine. This software will help you if you have a problem with your wheel aligner software. like accidentally damaged your hard drive, virus infection, and other file corruption.

Download the Core Software (Click Image below to Download)

Download 3Excel e315 Software


Things to do after Downloading the software.

  1. First, you need an extractor because I compressed this folder. you can download 7zip here: click me.
  2. After you extracted the file. Create a shortcut on your desktop.Create Wheel aligner icon on your desktop
  3. After you created the icon on your desktop. you can now check if the wheel aligner software is working, by simply Power On on your Wheel alignment sensors. then open the aligner software. select SYSTEM MANAGEMENT  then click SENSOR INFORMATION. The power on sensor must be detected at the SENSOR INFORMATION.
  4. If the sensors were not detected, the NUMBER CAUSE is WRONG PORT NUMBER. to solve this problem please watch my video.

Download Wheel Aligner  Car Specs Database

Download 3excel database

  1. Download the database by simply click the image above.
  2. Watch this instruction below.