1.3M Automotive Tools and Equipment Package

1.3M Automotive Tools and Equipment Package

List of Equipment:

1. 3D Wheel Alignment
2. 4 Post Car Lifter
3. 2 Post Car Lifter
4. Veritek 618 26” Tire Changer
5. HN-6050 Nitrogen Generator
6. CB66 Wheel Balancer
7. Launch X431 Pro3 Car Scanner
8. GD322 ATF Exchanger Machine
9. 5 Horse Power Air-Compressor
10. 20 Tons Hydraulic Press
11. H20-O Hand Operated Oil Pump
12. Veritek 7 Drawer Caddy with Tools
13. 3 layer tool Dolly
14. 430Amp 12/24V battery Charger/ Bosster /Jumpstart Charger/Booster
15. Bead Seater Transmissio Jack (Single Action)
16. 3 Tons Lowered Crocodile Jack Hose Reel
17. Coil Spring Compressor Brake Fluid Tester
18. Electric Vulcanizer Pneumatic Waste Oil Drain
19. Air Impact Wrench Kit Grease Gun Jack Stand
20. Radiator Coolant Pressure Tester Filter Cap Wrench
21. Battery Tester Mechanic Chair (2 set)
22. Mechanical Creeper Cross Wrench
23. Brake Caliper Tool Kit Fuel Line Disconnection Tool kit
24. F75 Spray Gun Timing Light
25. Panel Dismantling Tool Kit Battery Jumper Cable
26. Brake Bleeder Mini Airdie Grinder Kit
27. Battery Fluid Tester Car Plug Extractor Tool Kit
28. Pneumatic Hose Blow Gun (x3)
29. Spark Plug Tester Convex Mirror
30. Rubber Mallet 24” Tire Lever
31. Allen Wrench Kit Stitcher
32. Tire valve Remover & Rubber valve
33. Wheel Weight Plier & Remover
34. 3 Way Connector (x3)


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