Washer Fluid Reminder Dashboard Light

Washer Fluid Reminder Car Dashboard Light

Washer Fluid Reminder: Indicates washer fluid is low. Fill washer fluid reservoir. The cap has a symbol that looks like a windshield. Some vehicles have separate reservoirs for front and rear window washers.

Sometimes your windshield wipers aren’t enough to keep the glass clean. If it’s dry outdoors, cleaning dirt off your windshield will be difficult without the assistance of some liquid. Fortunately, contemporary vehicles come with a tiny tank of soapy water to assist wipe any filthy windshields. In addition, a tiny quantity of antifreeze may be applied to the windshield to prevent ice from forming and damaging components. If the vehicle is equipped with headlights, this fluid is also used on them.

Some manufacturers include a fluid level sensor on the reservoir and a low washer fluid warning light on the dash to assist ensure that you never run out of this fluid.

What does the low washer fluid warning light mean?

This light’s only purpose is to notify the motorist that the fluid level is low and to remind them to go fill it up. The light should go off soon after you’ve filled the reservoir with fluid. Even if the reservoir is fully full, a faulty fluid level sensor may keep the light on. In such scenario, have the sensor checked and, if required, replaced.

Refill Windshield Washer Fluid

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