Volkswagen T-Roc R: Engine Oil Capacity & Specs

Volkswagen T-Roc R: Engine Oil Capacity & Specs

Learn about the engine oil capacity and specifications for the Volkswagen T-Roc R. This includes the oil capacity for the 2.0L TSI turbocharged inline-4 engine, the recommended oil viscosity, and the VW 502 00 specification.

Volkswagen T-Roc R Oil Change Schedule

  • 2.0L TSI turbocharged inline-4:
    • Oil change interval: 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.
    • Oil type: Full synthetic 0W-30.
    • Oil filter: VW 502 00.

Volkswagen T-Roc R Engine Oil Information

EngineYear(s)Engine Oil Capacity (with filter)Engine Oil Capacity (without filter)Engine Oil ViscosityEngine Oil Specifications
2.0L TSI turbocharged inline-42019-present4.3 quarts3.9 quarts0W-30VW 502 00
  • 2.0L TSI turbocharged inline-4: This engine requires a full synthetic oil with a viscosity of 0W-30. The oil must also meet the VW 502 00 specification.

Please note that these are the factory-recommended oil capacities and viscosities. You may need to use a different oil if you live in a cold or hot climate.