The Launch X431 Has 440 Special Functions For Toyota Vehicles

The Launch X431 Is Equipped With 440 Unique Functions For Toyota Vehicles

This is fantastic. The Launch X431 features 440 handy special functions to assist you in resolving all of your Toyota vehicle issues. The Launch X431 is the market’s most powerful and dependable on-board diagnostics scanner. It also offers a number of other features that may be handy while dealing with automotive issues. This information is current as of January 2022, but it is subject to change, and Launch X431 may include a variety of new unique functions in the future.

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The Launch X431 scanner is the best in the world. Every car upgrade of the Launch X431 scanner will be enjoyable for you. The Launch X431 scanner does not have a software lock, but all of these functions are available if your Launch X431 scanner is genuine. So, to avoid future issues, I recommend purchasing the Launch X431 from your local dealer. Even though your dealer’s pricing is significantly more than the price online, it is still far lower than the cost of dealing with the problem of buying counterfeit Launch X431 online. You can get your Launch X431 in the Philippines. Please contact me 0915 568 4578.

Watch this video to to explore the list of Special Function of Launch X431


The 440 Special Functions for Toyota

  1. 2nd Sys.Air Bleeding
  2. 3rd Sys.Air Bleeding
  3. 4WD Control Prevention Mode
  4. A/C Operation Limit History Count Clear
  5. A/C Operation Limitation History Count Clear
  6. A/F Sensor Compensation Reset
  7. A/F Sensor Learning Value Clear
  8. A/T Code Registration
  9. A/T Code Registration(Fixed Code)
  10. A/T Code Reset
  11. ABS Air Bleeding
  12. ABS Function Check
  13. ABS History
  14. AF/O2 Sensor Operation
  15. AHB Operation History Clear
  16. AHB Test Mode
  17. AHS Camera Optic Axis Adjustment
  18. AHS Shade Angle Adjustment
  19. AMT Configuration Change
  20. ATF Thermal Degradation Estimate Reset
  21. Abnormal Operation History
  22. Activate the DPF Rejuvenate(PM)
  23. Activate the DPF Rejuvenate(S)
  24. Actuator Air Bleeding
  25. Add Key Registration
  26. Add Rotary Key Registration
  27. Adjustment of Front Camera Axis
  28. Adjustment of Monitor Camera Axis
  29. Air Bleeding
  30. Air Bleeding/AHB-R Utility
  31. Air Flow Meter Learning Value Reset
  32. All Missing Keys
  33. All Readiness
  34. Antenna Communication Check
  35. Assist Map Confirmation/Clear
  36. Audio Parameter Operation Check
  37. Auto Power OFF Cancel
  38. Auto Registration Closure
  39. Automatic Camera Adjustment
  40. Auxiliary Battery Exchange
  41. B1 Air Bleeding
  42. BSM ‘A’ Beam Axis Adjustment
  43. BSM ‘A’ Beam Axis Display
  44. BSM ‘A’ ECU Data Save
  45. BSM ‘A’ ECU Data Write
  46. BSM ‘B’ Beam Axis Adjustment
  47. BSM ‘B’ Beam Axis Display
  48. BSM ‘B’ ECU Data Save
  49. BSM ‘B’ ECU Data Write
  50. BSM Master Abnormal History
  51. BSM Master Beam Axis Adjustment
  52. BSM Master Beam Axis Display
  53. BSM Master Beam Axis Inspection
  54. BSM Slave Abnormal History
  55. BSM Slave Beam Axis Adjustment
  56. BSM Slave Beam Axis Display
  57. BSM Slave Beam Axis Inspection
  58. Backup Battery Replacement Reset
  59. Battery Cooling Fan Maintenance Information Reset
  60. Battery Diagnosis
  61. Battery Discharge
  62. Battery ECU Initialization
  63. Battery Pack Malf Fail-Safe Drive History Clear
  64. Battery Status Info Reset
  65. Battery Status Info Update
  66. Beam Axis Adjustment
  67. Beam Axis Fine Adjustment
  68. Beam Axis Misalignment Reading
  69. Blower Motor Brush Wear Amount Initialization
  70. Bluetooth Communication Module Information Display
  71. Brake Line Air Bleeding
  72. Brake Pad Replacement(Operation Guide)
  73. Brake System Air Bleeding
  74. Button Operation Check
  75. CD Player Operation Check
  76. CVT ECU Initial Learning
  77. CVT Oil Pressure Calibration
  78. Calibration
  79. Calibration for Passenger Seat Sensor
  80. Camera Angle Adjustment
  81. Camera Axis Adjust
  82. Camera Axis Adjustment
  83. Camera Synchronous Error History
  84. Camera/Target Position Memory
  85. Cancel Communication Function Pausing
  86. Catalyst Deterioration Learning Value Clear
  87. Catalyst Record Clear
  88. Catalyst Record Read
  89. Catalyst Record Transferring
  90. Check Mode
  91. Check Mode(DTC)
  92. Clearance Sonar Detection Adjustment
  93. Clearance Sonar Detection Adjustment(Simple)
  94. Clearance Sonar Detection/Steering Adjustment
  95. Clogged Fuel Filter Detection
  96. Clutch Adjust Count
  97. Communication Check(Key Diag Mode)
  98. Configuration
  99. Control Mode
  100. Control Mode Change
  101. Crank Time Compensation Learning Value Clear
  102. Crank Time Compensation Reset
  103. Cruising Range Reset
  104. Customize
  105. Customize Setting Initialization
  106. DC Relay Diagnosis
  107. DCM Firmware Update
  108. DCM Mode Setting
  109. DCM Operation History
  110. DOC Removal Check Mode
  111. DPF Deposition Value Clear
  112. DPF Deterioration Record Clear
  113. DPF History Information Reset
  114. DPF Rejuvenation Timing Reset
  115. DPR Check
  116. DSC Sensor Initialization
  117. DTC Detection Setting
  118. DTC Store History(Engine)
  119. DVS Air Bleeding
  120. Data Flash Reset
  121. Deceleration Sensor Zero Point Calibration
  122. Deceleration Sensor Zero Point Clear
  123. Deleting Registration of Keyfree Key
  124. Diagnosis Of Antenna Connection
  125. Diagnostic Mode
  126. Diagnostic Recorder Information Display
  127. Differential Pressure Learning Value Reset
  128. Digital Key Code Reset
  129. Discharge Data Monitoring
  130. Disconnect System Function Check
  131. Display Pixel Check
  132. Display of Airbag ID Number
  133. Display of ECU product serial No.
  134. Drive History Reset
  135. Drive Learning Mode
  136. Driver Information Registration
  137. EATC Operation Check
  138. ECB 2.0/2.5 Utility(Brake Fluid Replacement or Brake Caliper/Flexible Hose Replacement)
  139. ECB Utility(ECB Invalid/Zero Down/Zero Down Rear/Linear Valve Offset/Motor Invalid)
  140. ECB-R Utility(Brake Fluid Replacement)
  141. ECU Calibration
  142. ECU Communication ID Registration
  143. ECU Data Initialization
  144. ECU Data Save
  145. ECU Data Write
  146. ECU Exchange
  147. ECU Information Sync
  148. ECU link message initialization
  149. EGR Learning Value Reset
  150. EPB Control Switch
  151. EPB Full Release
  152. EPB Initialize
  153. ES Calibration
  154. EV Batt Cell Low Volt READY ON Prevention Cancel
  155. EV Mode Cruising Range Reset
  156. Electric Throttle Learning
  157. Emergency Call Cancellation
  158. Emergency Call Check
  159. Emergency Call Setting
  160. Engine Configuration Change
  161. Engine Control Value Initialization
  162. Engine History Utility
  163. Engine Oil Jet Control Check
  164. Engine Oil Pressure Control Check
  165. Engine Start History
  166. Evaporative System Check
  167. FC Coolant Air Bleeding
  168. FC Stack Coolant Air Bleeding
  169. FC Stack Electric Charge Release
  170. FC Stack Shock History Clear
  171. Fast Isolation Fault Detection
  172. Fingerprint Authentication Mode
  173. Fingerprint Code Reset
  174. Forced Actuator Refresh
  175. Forced Ignition ON
  176. Front Beam Axis Adjustment
  177. Front Beam Axis Misalignment Reading
  178. Front Beam Axis Offset Reading
  179. Front Radar Acceleration Sensor Calibration
  180. Front Recognition Camera Axis Misalignment Reading
  181. Front Resolver Learning/Initialization
  182. Front Side Radar Master Abnormal History
  183. Front Side Radar Master Beam Axis Adjustment
  184. Front Side Radar Master Beam Axis Display
  185. Front Side Radar Slave Abnormal History
  186. Front Side Radar Slave Beam Axis Adjustment
  187. Front Side Radar Slave Beam Axis Display
  188. Fuel Density Learning Value Reset
  189. Fuel PCV Compensation Value Reset
  190. Fuse Shut Off History
  191. GPF Deposition Values Clear
  192. GPF Deposition Values Save
  193. GPF Deposition Values Write
  194. Glow Control Unit Inspection
  195. Grille Shutter Control Mode Switching
  196. Grille Shutter Initialization
  197. HICM Resistance Learning Value Reset
  198. HV Batt Cell Low Volt Ready ON Prevention Cancel
  199. HV/EV Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting
  200. Headlight Type Setting
  201. Heater Connection Setting
  202. Heavy Knock History
  203. Height Control Prohibition Switch
  204. Height Offset
  205. Height Sensor Initialization
  206. Helpnet Notification History
  207. High Voltage Fuse Accumulated Load History Reset
  208. High Voltage Fuse Maintenance Information Reset
  209. History Clear
  210. Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Serial Number Setting
  211. Hydrogen Sensor Check
  212. ID Information Display
  213. ID Registration
  214. ID Registration/Tire Number Registration
  215. ID Registration/Tire Position Write
  216. IF BOX Communication ID Registration
  217. IR Projector Inspection
  218. ITC ECU Initialization
  219. Idle Speed Adjustment
  220. Idling Stop Information
  221. Illumination Check
  222. Image Information Clear
  223. Image Record Setting
  224. Initial Axis Adjust Value Display
  225. Initial Learning
  226. Initialization
  227. Initialization of Immobilizer
  228. Initializing Body ECU
  229. Initializing Meter Usage
  230. Initializing Meter Vehicle Information
  231. Initializing Of Keyfree ECU
  232. Injector Alarm Elimination Method
  233. Injector Class Change
  234. Injector Compensation
  235. Injector Compensation(12byte)
  236. Injector Compensation(30byte)
  237. Injector Maintenance Learning Value Reset
  238. Injector Refresh
  239. Inspection Mode
  240. Inspection of Sonar Area
  241. Intake Throttle Valve Initialization
  242. Integrated Current Value Initialization
  243. Internal Time Configuration
  244. Intuitive P/A Detection/Steering Adjustment
  245. Ion Exchanger Maintenance Distance Setting
  246. Key Code Erasure
  247. Key Code Registration
  248. Key Code Registration 3.1
  249. Key Code Registration(Classic)
  250. Key Free ECU Parameter Change
  251. Key Free Parameter Change
  252. Key Lock-In Prevention Function(Battery Remove)
  253. Key Number Registration
  254. Key Registration
  255. Key Status
  256. Key-On Engine Running Self-Test
  257. Keyfree ECU Configuration
  258. Laser Beam Axis Adjustment
  259. Laser/Radar Cruise Initialization
  260. Leak Check
  261. Learning Value
  262. Learning Value Initialization
  263. Learning Value Reset
  264. Learning Value and Mileage Control
  265. Learning Values Confirmation
  266. Learning Values Save
  267. Learning Values Write
  268. Left Lateral Radar Beam Axis Adjustment
  269. Lost Communication History
  270. Lost Communication Time Initialization
  271. Manual Camera Adjustment
  272. Map Information
  273. Memory Clear
  274. Meter Vehicle Information Reset
  275. Meter Warning Operation History
  276. Microphone Operation Check
  277. Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check
  278. Mirror Position Reset
  279. NAD Firmware Update
  280. NOx Sensor Check
  281. NOx Storage Catalyst Learning Value Reset
  282. Navigation System Type Learning
  283. New Key Registration
  284. New Registration Of The Key Free Key
  285. New Rotary Key Registration
  286. Normal Battery Stack Average Voltage Calculation
  287. Number of Tanks Initialization
  288. O2 Sensor Learning Value Reset
  289. Occupant Detection Sensor Zero Point Calibration
  290. Oil Maintenance Monitor
  291. Oil Pump Air Bleeding
  292. Oil Reset
  293. On-Demand Self-Test
  294. Operation History Clear
  295. Optical Disc Error History
  296. PCS Image Information Clear
  297. PCS Image Record Setting
  298. PCS Operation Count
  299. PM Regenerate Mode
  300. PM Rejuvenate Mode
  301. Parking Assist Monitor System Calibration
  302. Parts Exchange
  303. Parts Exchange(Initialization)
  304. Pilot Quantity Learning
  305. Pilot Quantity Learning Values Clear
  306. Pilot Quantity Learning Values Reset
  307. Pilot Quantity Learning(Detail)
  308. Plus Support Key Configure
  309. Power Steering ECU Initial Setting
  310. Prediagnostic Battery Charge
  311. Pressure Discharge Valve Check
  312. Pressure Release
  313. Pressure Rising Diagnosis(Leak Test)
  314. Pump Machine Difference Learning
  315. ROM/RAM Check
  316. Ready On Prevention Cancel(Power Feeding Relay)
  317. Rear Beam Axis Adjustment
  318. Rear Cooling Unit Check
  319. Rear Resolver Learning/Initialization
  320. Reclining Position Memory
  321. Recog ECU High Temp History Reset
  322. Recognition Camera Axis Adjust
  323. Recognition Camera/Target Position Memory
  324. Reductant Discharge
  325. Reductant Injection
  326. Reductant Injection Valve Check
  327. Reductant Pump Speed Check
  328. Refresh Charge
  329. Refrigerant Filling Mode
  330. Refrigerant Gas Volume Check
  331. Refrigerant High Pressure History Clear
  332. Refrigerant Pressure History Clear
  333. Refrigerant Recovery Preparation Mode
  334. Register the Additional Key
  335. Registration of New Keys
  336. Remote Door Lock Setting
  337. Remote Engine Starter ID Registration
  338. Remote Engine Starter Initial Registration
  339. Reset A/C Information
  340. Reset Memory
  341. Reset Position
  342. Reset the Mobile Information
  343. Resolver Learning/Initialization
  344. Return to Normal Mode
  345. Right Lateral Radar Beam Axis Adjustment
  346. Rotary Key Code Erasure
  347. SOC Learning
  348. SOC Overwrite
  349. Secondary Air Injection Check
  350. Sensitivity Check
  351. Sensor Check Function
  352. Sensors Calibration/Actuator Test
  353. Servo Motor Initialization
  354. Setting Change Of Seat Belt Reminder
  355. Shift Control Synchronization
  356. Signal Check
  357. Slope Information Zero Point Calibration
  358. Smart Code Erasure
  359. Smart Code Registration
  360. Smart Code Registration(Classic)
  361. Smart Communication Test
  362. Smart Key Communication Check
  363. Software Error History
  364. Solenoid Control
  365. Speaker Check
  366. Special Operations and Control History
  367. Starter Actuation Count Utility
  368. Starter Exchange
  369. Starter Operating Times Reset/Writing
  370. Starting Related Data Reading
  371. Steering Actuator ECU Initial Setting
  372. Steering Angle Adjust
  373. Steering Angle Sensor Learning Value Reset
  374. Steering Initialization
  375. Stereo Camera Axis Adjustment
  376. Stereo Camera Calibration
  377. Supply Pump Initialization
  378. Supply Pump Learning Value Reset
  379. Swirl Valve Learning Value Reset
  380. Switch Battery Type
  381. Switch Grille Shutter Control Mode
  382. Switch Oil Maintenance Display
  383. Switch Specification Information
  384. System Calibration
  385. System Restart
  386. TPMS Operation History
  387. TPMS Reset
  388. Telematics ID Information
  389. Telematics Service Setting
  390. Telematics System Activation
  391. Temporary Vehicle Start Up
  392. Test Mode
  393. Tire Circumference Setting
  394. Tire Position Write
  395. Torque Sensor Adjustment
  396. Total Number of Engine Starts Reset
  397. Transition to Online Axis Alignment Mode
  398. Transmission History Utility
  399. Transponder Code Erasure
  400. Transponder Code Erasure 2
  401. Transponder Code Registration
  402. Transponder Code Registration 2
  403. Transponder Communication Check
  404. Transponder Communication Test
  405. Trouble Factor Code Clear
  406. Tuner Frequency Operation Check
  407. USB Source Operation Check
  408. Undesignated Key Permanent Erasure
  409. Unsent Emergency Call Data Clear
  410. Upstream Turbine Pressure Learning Value Reset
  411. V80 Control Flag Permission
  412. VIN
  413. VIN Synchronization
  414. VN Turbo Offset Voltage Value Compensation
  415. VSC Function Check
  416. VSC Line Air Bleeding
  417. VSC Sensor Neutral Memorization
  418. VSC/TR(A)C/4WD Control Prevention Mode
  419. VVT Initial Position Learning Value Display
  420. Valet Mode Cancel
  421. Vehicle Information Registration
  422. Vehicle Information Synchronization
  423. Vehicle Mileage Write
  424. Video Device Connection Check
  425. Wait Time Cancellation
  426. Water Vapor Dilution Control Setting
  427. Wi-Fi Connection History
  428. Wiper Specification Switch
  429. Wireless Code Erasure
  430. Wireless Code Registration
  431. Wireless Communication Check
  432. Wireless Communication Test
  433. Wireless Diagnosis Mode
  434. Wireless Door Lock Diag Mode
  435. Wireless Door Lock Diagnosis Mode
  436. Yaw Rate Sensor Zero Point Calibration
  437. Zero Point Calibration
  438. Zero Point Calibration&Sensitivity Check
  439. i-ART Learning Value Reset
  440. iMT Installation Information Reset

Compiled and Research by Erwin Salarda