Launch X431- Current Address Is Not Covered By The Distributors

Current Address Is Not Covered By The Distributors

This issue has come up several times for me. (Current address is not covered by the distributors) Many LAUNCH x431 users contacted me via my messenger, requesting assistance with resolving this issue. Based on my personal knowledge, I can assist you with this problem; I can enlighten you as to why this problem happens and what alternative solutions exist to resolve it.

Hello, I am Erwin Salarda. I have been fixing and solving problems of Launch X431 for almost a decade. I am employed by Veritek Incorporated, the Launch X431 Authorized Dealer in the Philippines.

These Launch X431 Scanners may be affected by this problem.

  • Launch X-431 PROS MINI
  • Launch X-431 Diagun IV
  • Launch X-431 V/V+
  • Launch X431 5C
  • Launch X431 Pad 2
  • Launch X431 Pad 3
  • Launch X431 HTT
  • Launch X431 PRO 3S
  • Launch X431 PROS
  • Launch X431 PRO3
  • Launch X431 PRO
  • Launch X431 PRO MINI

Whose People Contacted Me About This Problem?

The majority of people who contacted me about this issue were automotive technicians from the Middle East. They bought Launch X431 from the Middle East, and then brought this scanner here to the Philippines. Then when they try to update, the problem occurs “The current address is not covered by the distributors“.

Additionally, several of the people who contacted me purchased their Launch X431 Scanner online, such as at Lazada, Shopee, or other online retailers. Because the authenticity of a Launch X431 scanner acquired online cannot be guaranteed. Numerous Launch X431 products have been cloned and are being marketed as counterfeits online.

The Reason of the Problem

Reason 1

The problem is fairly simple: you purchased your Launch X431 somewhere in the world rather than from your local dealer. The Launch X431 protects their product and Dealer in order to prevent people from buying fake products online. So there is a local dealer in each country, and each serial number of the Launch X431 will be activated in that country, and that scanner will also work and connect to the Launch X431 server base in the country to which that serial number is issued.


Reason 2

Your Launch X431 is possibly not original, so your serial number can’t connect to the Launch X431 server.

Reason 3

Your internet service provider blocked the connection from the server of Launch X431. In our experience here in the Philippines, the Converge ISP blocks the Launch X431 server. So we advise our Launch X431 users to use another Internet service provider like Smart, Globe, or PLDT.

Solution of this Problem

Solution 1

If you have this problem, you can contact the local dealer and ask them if they can help you change or update your current area for your scanner to work. This solution is both possible but very expensive. The cost of changing the area for your scanner is like buying a brand new scanner.


Solution 2

The most common solution to this problem is to use a VPN. There are a lot of VPNs on Google Play. If you don’t know how to use VPN, you can ask for help from someone who has knowledge about VPN, but in my experience, this solution is not 100%, because VPN is very slow and can’t even download a single file. Maybe there is a pro version of VPN that is much faster, It is for you to try everything to solve this problem, even if it costs you a lot.

My Conclusion About the Problem

The Launch X431 scanner is the best in the world. Every car upgrade of the Launch X431 scanner will be enjoyable for you. The Launch X431 scanner does not have a software lock, but all of these functions are available if your Launch X431 scanner is genuine. So, to avoid future issues, I recommend purchasing the Launch X431 from your local dealer. Even though your dealer’s pricing is significantly more than the price online, it is still far lower than the cost of dealing with the problem of buying counterfeit Launch X431 online. You can get your Launch X431 in the Philippines. Please contact me 0915 568 4578 or Veritek Incorporation 0977 097 0116.