i-ART Learning Value Reset How to Access in the OBD Scanner

i-ART Learning Value Reset How to Access in the OBD Scanner

i-ART (Intelligent Accuracy Refinement Technology) is a self-learning injector system developed by DENSO to achieve high accuracy and precision in fuel injection. The system features a closed-loop control mechanism that continuously monitors and adjusts fuel injection parameters to maintain optimal performance.

What is the Learning Value Reset function?

The Learning Value Reset function is used to clear the learned adjustments made by the self-learning system and restore the injector to its default factory settings. This function is typically used in the following scenarios:

  • When the injector is replaced or serviced
  • When the vehicle’s operating conditions change significantly
  • As a troubleshooting step

Why is the Learning Value Reset function important?

The importance of the Learning Value Reset function lies in its ability to maintain the optimal performance and precision of the i-ART system. By clearing the learned adjustments, the injector can start fresh and adapt to the current operating conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable fuel delivery.

In Summary

The i-ART Learning Value Reset function is a crucial feature that allows for the restoration of the injector’s default settings, enabling the self-learning system to adapt to changing conditions and maintain optimal performance.

Instruction to Access the i-ART Learning Value reset in the OBD Scanner

The i-ART Learning Value reset can be accessed by following this instruction.

  1. Open your OBD scanner.
  2. Select Local Diagnose if you are using Launch X431.
  3. Select Car Brand Select Model (auto-detect is better to detect the vehicle VIN).
  4. Select and check the following: ECMECT (Engine and ECT), ECM (Engine Control Module)
  5. Select Special Function Then click i-ART Learning Value reset.

The sample car model with this feature is the Toyota Alphard 2015.