Accelerator Pedal Reset Procedure


HOW TO: Accelerator Pedal Reset Procedure

ECU Accelerator Pedal Reset Procedure

Note: Timing is critical for this to work!

  1. Turn the ignition switch to on. Dash gauges lit. Don t start the engine!
  2. Wait 3 seconds.
  3. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal 5 times within 5 second.
  4. Wait 7 to 10 seconds.
  5. Fully depress the accelerator pedal for approximately 10 seconds. At this point the check engine light starts blinking quickly indicating Diagnostic Test Mode II (Self-diagnostic results) has started.
  6. Release accelerator pedal and wait 5 to 10 seconds.
  7. Fully depress the accelerator pedal for 10 seconds. At this point the check engine light should change to blinking slowly indicating “Erasing ECU Memory”.
  8. Release the accelerator pedal and turn the ignition switch to off.
  9. Restart the engine. The check engine light should be out.

Note: If the check engine light doesn’t blink as described in steps 5 & 7, then the ECU isn’t reset. * If above didn’t work, disconnect the battery negative and pump the brake to discharge the ECU capacitors. This method is almost foolproof as long as all ECU control parameters are within their normal ranges.

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