FOR SALE: Hydraulic Press 32 Tons

FOR SALE Hydraulic Press 32 Tons -Philippines

FOR SALE Hydraulic Press 32 Tons

For sale hydraulic press 32 tons. We are an importer and dealer of hydraulic press in the Philippines. We provide warranty and after-sales support.

Our 32 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press is the perfect tool for removing and installing bearings, ball joints, rods, bushings gears and more. The heavy duty hydraulic ram has a continuous 32 Ton pressing force, and a 125mm ram stroke. The entire frame is fully constructed of powder coated steel, with a total product weight of 44kg.
  • Continuous 32T pressing force
  • Heavy duty all-steel cunstruction – 44kg total
    (heavier than similar models on the market)
  • 125mm ram stroke
  • 8 position working platform
  • Dual spring loaded ram platform
  • Includes 2x Arbor Plates
  • Remove and install bearings, gears, bushings, rods ball joints and more


  • 32 Ton hydraulic bottle jack
  • Capacity: 32 ton (64,000lbs)
  • Lift height: 6 1/2″ ; Standing height: 9 3/4″
  • Carrying handle for mobility ; Ideal for automotive, truck, farm, industrial and construction work.
  • Quantity: 1 ; Overall dimension: 6-1/2″ x 5″ x 12-1/2″(WITHOUT HANDLE) ; Weight: 34 lbs (roughly)



Importer and Dealer of Automotive Equipment in the Philippines. Product Inquiry: Call/Text/Viber: 0915 5686 4578 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Erwin C. Salarda

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