FOR SALE: 500kgs Transmission Jack Single Action

FOR SALE 500kgs Transmission Jack Single Action

For sale 500kgs/0.5 ton transmission jack single action for auto repair service shop. We are an importer and dealer of transmission jacks in the Philippines. We provide warranty and after-sales support.

This Single-Stage Transmission Jack has a lift range of 1070mm – 1840mm and is operated by foot pump. Its heavy duty structure and hydraulic ram allow it to lift loads with weights of up to 500kg.
Under the base you’ll find four 360° steel swivel castors which allow for easy movement and positioning even whilst under heavy load. The 800 x 800mm base also provides a more than sufficient level of much needed stability.
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction
  • 500kg Capacity
  • 770mm travel
  • Lifting Range: 1070 – 1840mm
  • Foot pedal operated Quick Lift Pump
  • 800 x 800mm wide base
  • Heavy duty 360° steel swivel castors
  • Can be fully assembled using spanners or socket tools