What Exactly Is Electric Throttle Relearn In Our Vehicle?

What Exactly Is Electric Throttle Relearn In Our Vehicle

Electric Idle/Throttle Relearn To more accurately regulate idle/throttle (or idle motor) operations to control intake air quantity, use the OBD Scanner to initialize the throttle actuation element so that the ECU learning value is returned to the initial status. Throttle Matching Must Be Performed In The Following Cases: A.) The ECU has been changed, and … Read more

OBD Info: What is Gearbox/Transmission Relearn?

What is Transmission and gearbox relearn

What is Transmission\Gearbox Relearn This function is used to learn the transmission/gearbox in order to improve the quality of the shifts. Shift Delay or Impact is experienced after the transmission/gearbox has been dismounted or repaired (or after the battery has been turned off in some car models). In this case, use this function to have … Read more

OBD Info -What Is The Use Of AdBlue On Our Cars?

OBD INFO -What is the use of AdBlue on our Car

What is the use of AdBlue on our cars? AdBlue is used in many current diesel automobiles to meet emission requirements. This is true not only for trucks, huge commercial vehicles, ships, and tractors, but also for various sorts of passenger vehicles. AdBlue, also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid or AUS 32, is a clear … Read more